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Top 50 Supergirl Fanfiction Stories To Read in 2020

50 Best Supergirl Fanfiction Stories That You Must Read

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Developed by Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti, and Andrew Kreisberg Supergirl is an American superhero television show that was launched on Columbia Broadcasting System commonly called CBS. Supergirl was premiered on October 26 dated year in 2015. 

Fanfiction Supergirl crossover

No wonder why there is so many super Fanfiction around the globe who are searching for supergirl fanfiction crossover and fanfiction Supergirl topics like the flash and supergirl fanfiction etc.

Fanfiction Supergirl Stories That is worth Your Time

Supergirl is inspired and is based on the DC comics famous character Supergirl, DC comics has a huge number of fans that also reads supergirl fanfiction and people also call the supergirl fanfiction as a costumed superheroine who is really a supermans cousin and one of the last surviving in the “super” Family.

Savitar: Triggered
Awesome28Arya Stark – actually he isn’t because Savitar’s speed is 98.8 and Season 4 Barry’s is 68.9 so Savitar is still faster
Allies started WWBarry created the speedforce when , Barry became flash he created the speedforce which every speedster gets their speed from .If Barry wanted , he could take away anyone of their powers by tapping into the speedforce
WolfRexThe Golden Fighter
1. So you’re comparing The Flash from the shows and wally from the comics?That quite unfair since comic flash is a god compared to wally
2.Wally West CAN’T take away other speedster’s powers since he wasn’t the one who created the speedforce , barry did and if barry wanted to take away anyone’s powers he could just tap into the speed force
Barry Allen > Wally west
IntergalacticRemember savitar is just the time remenant of Barry which he beat devoe already meaning he would have reached way faster then Barry and they say in season 3 savitar is so fast without his suit he would explode
DalemNot funny is an understatement. He obviously is too young to understand the dark humour and puns of flash and comics
SilverNo joke paused it at the same time and the next villan would probably be rival, a mother timedohiki or flash from earth
MatthewIf reverse flash is the opposite of the flash. And savitar is bad, and hes flash….does that mean reverse flash is a good guy??
OddsbreakerArtificial_God like he said “WHOSE THE VILLIAN NOW FLASH! WHOSE THE VILLIAN NOW!”

10 Supergirl Fanfiction Crossover

As said above Supergirl was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, and the main character Melissa Benoist who played the supergirl character. Supergirl fanfiction Lovers who I call as Fanfictioners love melissa. The series is the third series in the production of Arrowverse and supergirl also shares a leading role with the other television series of the parent production.

supergirl fanfiction

The Below mentioned fanfics are some of the best Supergirl fanfiction crossover that you will find on the internet.

Maga SlimeHe is the flash but Barry changed the future so that iris would not did but Barry was upset so he wanted past Barry to feel the same way but fu*k no
RuPT BoltIn flashpoint. Remember whay Thawne said. “NOW WHOS THE VILLAN! NOW WHOS THE VILLIAN FLASH!”
SkySword29Place:Earth 38649
Location:Starlab prison
Question:what’s with the S?
Flash:it’s not an S. On mine earth it means screwing up the timelines…like a lot😂😂😂😂😂
Cartooon THATso im guessing majority of you laugh. you guys are true fans yeah. i have a question.

what is stabilizing the speed force? since barry is back? is it that thing that cisco fired in to the speedforce? sorry guess im not a true fan after all. i dont understand it.

Ethan GarciaYes and no because Savitar was flashes time remenate of season two when Barry tried to stop zoom.the time remanent (might of spelled wrong)had a punishment of seeing his mother die over and over then he came back wanting revenge so savitar is basically the present-ish barry
DedFunny thing is is that if the infinite earth theory is true there would actually be an earth with a supergirl and a flash who look exactly like the ones from the tv show
Jaysoni think they misunderstood infinite earths. when we say infinite earths what we are really talking about is infinite timelines. so there are infinite supergirls too
WolfRexUh.. Harry stated that there are ONLY 53 Earths, and they all have Supergirl. Earth X (aka Earth 53) has Nazi Supergirl and Arrow. The whole Earth X is a nazi earth
12chapinI like the one with Kara is the Flash, but if they ever do on the show she will be human and the daughter of Henry and Nora. She will were a suit like Jesse or Trajectory. Barry will be from Krypton and have been adopted by the Danvers. He will be like Superboy.
Blackwellif Savitar is evil Barry, that should mean that Eobard Thawne should be good if he’s the Reverse-Savitar

So these were some of the best Supergirl fanfiction Crossover that you will ever find on the internet, moving further we have some supergirl fanfiction kara and cat that i am sure that will blow your mind.

Supergirl Fanfiction Kara and Cat Stories Updated

Supergirl television series was officially launched on May 6 dated year was 2015, supergirl fanfiction along with the series a serious commitment in September 2014. And to be dated correctly the series of supergirl fanfiction kara and cat received a full-season order in 2015.

Ching ChongU said true fans of the flash, that means both tv show and comics not just tv show. If you only pay attention to the tv show, ur not a TRUE fan of the flash
MumbauerThe one with Caitlyn and her not being killer frost but the green arrow omg I died
BlitzSavitar: I am Savitar, the God of Speed.
Eobard: But you’re also future Barry?
Savitar: Yes.
MCS Gamingeach time barry says something, the camera gets closer to his face…..
That’s a nice timeline you have there…It would be a shame…If someone were to…Mess it up
darth memeboi🏃Barry
🏄reverse flash
🏂zoomBarry:why is everyone cooler than me?
ᴊᴜɴǫᴡᴏᴏAbracadabra:Savitor will take what most matters to you

Barry:The Timeline!?!


Carilyn StrawbridgeIs Oliver ever not grumpy? Let’s find out -looks up on google ‘ Is Oliver Queen ever NOT grumpy’ Google says ‘ No Oliver Queen is always grumpy. Felicity Smoak is the happy one. – Wait rn’t they married?!
Captain Americac’mon Barry stop messing with the Timeline. What comes next? Donald Trump as Superman!?

I have another: Please Stop Barry With Messing the Timeline i dont want that in a other Universe Donald Trump Made FORTNITE!

Gloomba KingTo be honest, there might be an earth out there where Barry and Oliver have their roles reversed
AndyMan21Oliver looks the same so thats pretty much his neutral face

Hoping that you liked our collection of the best supergirl fanfiction kara and cat updates and fanfiction supergirl stories we are moving forward to our next category of supergirl fanfiction of supergirl Lena kara fanfiction.

Supergirl Fanfiction Alex and Sam

After the first season of the Supergirl series, the other seasons were aired on The CW television network. supergirl fanfiction Alex and sam version was supergirl fanfiction collection is on one the favorite of the fanfiction supergirl stories. After some critics, the show has been receiving some positive reviews after all.

DilkaI love how Destroyer is replying admitting it’s clickbait! Gotta love YouTube now in days! All everyone does is Clickbait because they can’t make an interesting title that’s true for once! Title should be, “If you watch The Flash you might find this funny”
destroyer8200I am a TRUE Flash fan, but even a non true Flash fan could understand this. You don’t need to add, TRUE to the title. But who am I to stop you. Do what you want. Have a good day.
Victor Von Deathstrokewell of course their does. The multiverse theory of not only dc but real life suggests that there are endless possibilities where everything happens, including the thumbnail. But I thought it was referencing something dc actually covered instead of this exists somewhere out there
Andrew AllenI’m the biggest fan
I’m gonna name my child Bartholomew and call him Barry
Think about it
Look at my name
TSIn Flash 1×21 Tom Cavanagh Was playing Hannibal Bates Playing Eobard Thawne Playing Harrison Wells
Jaisal PatelWait also reverse flash said he was flashes opposite and sanitary kills and stuff so would eobard aka reverse savitar be a god guy?
Gacha MechadiSo Let Me Get Dis Straight..Thwane Stabbed My Mother,Zoom Stabbed My Father,Savitar MAY Stab Iri. At Dis rate I’m even to scared To own a PET Probally My Next villain will stab it
basketball NoobSo Barry is the flash.
He’ s a good guy.
Then you have the copycat reverse flash.
He’s literally the opposite what means he’s a bad guy.So, technically Barry is Savitar.
Savitar is a bad guy.
If Eobard wants to be te opposite of him too..Does that mean, it’ll be a goodguy?And, if the Reverse Flash was the opposite of the Flash, wouldn’t one of them be slow?Just wondering these things I’m bored k bye
Kira SmithWith the Arrow Flash back one the look on Barry’s face is more annoyed and angry than pained (ye ik the whole speed healing thing but that doesn’t make it not funny)
emma GibsonSome made me think true some mad me think really? But I got all of them I LOVE THE FLASH and this was funny!!!!

I hope you guys liked our collection of supergirl fanfiction Alex and sam version of the supergirl fanfiction series, stay connected with us as we will be posting some best fanfiction of various other series and anime.

Supergirl Fanfiction Kara Lena

After receiving some positive reviews, Supergirl also received some praise for the creative performances and excellent direction, also how well the show was addressed to the fanfiction lovers and for the themes too. The latest season that is the fifth season of supergirl fanfiction was recently released in October 2019. 

Kostas KalaitzakisSavitar: I am Savitar, the god of speed
Thawne: But you are also the future Barry??
Savitar: Yes
Thawne: Then I am the Reverse Savitar xD
Katie’z MuffinI thought Supergirl wearing flash costume and flash wearing Supergirl outfit was cute…. But not funny..?
Africa CortezKara actually looks really pretty like that, it looks perfect on her💖👍

But Barry on the other side ,mmmh nah I prefer his flash suit (I love you so much barry)

Ulmer-GlasI like the one that said that Barry is too scared to own a pet because the next villain will kill it
Ketchup pringlesOk so im not capable of understanding all of these because i used to use a proxy on my laptop for watching American netflix but you can’t use proxy’s anymore well you can but few work and some you have to pay for and the flash isn’t on canadian netflix the only show we got from the arrowverse is supergirl
SophiaGrumpy Oliver should say death stare, voice deeper than ever and blames himself
lalanakker2594Me tryng to find out and under stand flash point at comic con some one sees me walks up to me ‘the first thing I knew off him that he was a maker off the show’ the first thing he Said to me was : flashpoint Just flashpoint. I rember me laughing to death 😂😂😂
Minty BeanKadabra:Savitar will Take What matters most to you
Barry:Savitar will kill the timeline?
Iris: barry what the hell!!!
Ethan GarciaWait savitar (btw I might have spelled something wrong if so tell me in a kind way)is flashes time remenate when flash tried to stop zoom he created one and that one died /went to the speed force and he had a punishment of seeing his mother die over and over again so he got mad and wanted revenge so basically the “reverse Savitar” would be bad and there would basically be two Savitars (srry for making this so long😎)
Zoie Ninja“I have failed this city”
“say that again I dare you”
I died! XD

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