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Top 50 Best Transformers Fanfiction Stories 2020

Best Transformers Fanfiction Updates That You Must Read

Since Childhood, I am watching transformers and looking forward to becoming a transformer one day, Grew up by Reading Transformers Fanfiction Stories and was always amazed by the fictions that used to pop out from such inspiring Fanfiction Lovers. Also liking the Transformer Fanfiction Crossover a lot.

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If I Start Giving my Opinions about Transformers Fanfiction Lemon and Transformers Crossover fanfiction, I don’t think so that I won’t end the topic of Transformers Fanfiction Stories even in 24 hours.

Lukas SchimikAgreed ! Don’t know why everybody hates it, I think it’s still my number 1 TF movie!
Optimus new look, Lockdown & Galvatron, KsI (bots), Dinobots, cast ( HATED this Sam & Mikeala ) and the TF/human conflict. Still love it.
Miguel GC GamerAge of Extinction is the only film that entertains that I don’t skip any parts of the movie and I like all the characters in this film and the transformers designs are great, dino bots are Awsome.
Vincent Hwell….bad taste is also bad taste at the end of the day. I know you younger kids think that everyone is supposed to have an opinion and everything is subjective blah blah blah but if you’re a cinephile than the Transformers are objectively bad films. They are cynical cash grabs made to make money in China. Bay and the producers have said as much. I mean you can like whatever you want. If you wanna listen to Teletubbies soundtrack all day that’s your right….but that does mean you have shitty taste. It’s okay. Not everyone has good taste.
urtpro 2I’m not hating I’m genuinely curious. I certainly like it more than Last Knight but barely lol. I’m curious the reasons why AOE fans consider it one of the better Transformers movies. I will say it was nice to switch up the protagonist and all that since Sam Witwicky had worn out his welcome by the third film. And the actress who played Wahlberg’s daughter was smoking hot, so that was a plus too.
Oliver ParkerI thought the premise of the world hating and hunting the Transformers(regardless of Faction), cuz of what happened in Chicago(in DOTM), was kool, MW was a refreshing Main Hero over Shia tbh, and Lockdown was Badass! Honestly kinda just laughed off the whole Romeo and Juliette law thing as being just a bad movie joke! I’m mean honestly I know there’s no such law, and as such it didn’t really bother me! Just rather thought it was somewhat silly!
Yann LabeilleWell Lockdown was a pretty good villain for once in the movies. However Galvatron went nowhere after this.
AnthonyThat isn’t true. I saw Bumblebee yesterday and I find it Like watching E.T., the movie is just on Charlie, not really much on Bee. The only g1 part is the first 5 minutes of the movie. Too much 80s references. Sometimes is even boring for me. It Was a cute movie but absolutely not my favourite. I still prefere the first one.
Aron T-900I’d rather get vibes from ET and Iron Giant instead of witnessing stupid humor, unnecessary hot shots, dogs humping each other, unrealistic explosions, parents acting like they belong in a cartoon, patriotism and confusing slo-mo action sequences.
Cam RichI preferred the first and third ones as they have so much more action in them making the films actually entertaining, when most of bumblebee is almost like a compilation of ‘cute’ little clips of bumblebee and that annoying girl taking up almost the entirety of the movie.
Max RamirezPersonally prefer the 2007 movie because it’s just overall more entertaining to me. Also, you can pretty much tell Bumblebee was a movie that was directed towards kids so 2007 wins for me

So Sit back and enjoy reading my favorite transformers fanfiction lemon and Transformers fanfiction Crossovers Collection. That I have collected for you guys.

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Transformers Fanfiction Crossover Stories 2020(Updated)

Transformers is America based  Franchise that was first seen in the 1980s globally. So the first five transformers Films was directed by Michael Bay. I really believe that this was the boost up for the Transformers Fanfiction Crossover stories that I really liked about among the whole and sole of the transformers fanfiction stories including the lemon version of the franchise.

Minaya RojasTony: We have a Hulk!
Optimus: We have a Grimlock!
Porg King VIIBee is here what would Optimus want with that what would he take her hostage IT SOUNDS LIKE HE HAS BEEN BRAIN WASHED BY DESEPTAGONS
Siidimus Prime!Except they transform their aliens they have Real blasters Different Voices blood Etc.
arfhanisbestThe interesting thing is that transformers would actually make for good marvel villains.
dave tascaThe original transformers comics were made by marvel and marvel had to do with the original transformers tv show so they really should try to get the rights back
jovinprime Poop socThis would’ve been more awesome if gi joe, rom the spaceknight, M.A.S.K., micronauts and the other properties interfere with the whole marvel universe and the transformers both. That would be, not only a big, giant, massive crossover event, but a… gigantic, space-involving, multiversal collusion as well
Darkknight329yes megatron hack the armor with Soundwave and turn it off then they all just step on them but they will throw hulk to cybertron and leave him to the toxic oxygen
Dr. NobodyCelz On they are robots what is a snap gonna do
I know buckys arm was turned to dust but still they have weapons that can make thanos cheese
agnasyes because they’re alive. They go to the allspark when they die, they are alive just like us, just made of metal.
Bee is hereTony: We have thanos

Optimus: We have your mom

Tony:0_0 ok you win now give me my mom

Hoping that you guys liked our collection of the topmost fanfics about the transformers fanfiction crossover flavors that we have published above this. 

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Transformers Fanfiction Lemon Version 2020

Funny Part of the Franchise is that the transformer’s movies, on one hand, was loved by the fans and on the other hand there were critics about the direction “Worst Director of all Time”. Still, there are some dirty minded people who are always in search of the Transformers Fanfiction Lemon and some people also call it Transformers lemon Fanfiction.

Night lightI really want to be apart of one of micheal bays movie of transformers
Flo Parsonssee this is why I love transformers, because the actors ACTUALLY seem like they are having fun, and they are such fun films to watch
obert DelgadEven though the movie sequels are not that great, but you have to give Michael Bay a lot of Credit for what he does.
fake lolBay is a genius
I mean, I wouldn’t be able to figure out the scale of you know the explosions
Like the layout
nig*aLOL, lol or as you typed if, Lol: an acronym for laugh(ing) out loud or lots of laughs, some say it is Lots of love, is a popular element of Internet slang. It was first used almost exclusively on Usenet, but has since become widespread in other forms of computer-mediated communication and even face-to-face communication.
AlexBruh Bumblebee knows how to pick up ladies more than Sam 😂
lalaI remember being a kid and having the biggest crush for Megan. Good lord she was so hot
Michael ceasarBack than I thought Sam was looking at her belly and so was I saying “Hot belly I guess.”
hotman 280Michael Bay while directing: Yeah Megan arch your back, perfect perfect. Get a good shot of her sweat glistening tanned bronze body. Yeah just like that.
chief adaYeah right. That engine is a big block. Fuel injected side draft 8 barrel carburetors. Hell even the headers are up and over side mount. And the damn engine is worth more then the car. As he only paid $4500.00 That damn engine alone cost $20,000.00!

Leave the critics aside all I want to know is: How did you people find our transformers fanfiction lemon version? comment down below if you guys liked this collection on some of the best lemon flavors of transformers fanfiction stories.

Transformers fanfiction Bumblebee Stories Updated

The best part of the Transformers franchise is that bumblebee is the only character that got most of the positive reviews. This can be a reason that people Love Transformers Fanfiction Bumblebee Version a lot. No worries because we have provided some of the best Bumblebee fanfiction stories that you will enjoy reading.

Master Yoda“Wasp”, “Stinger” or “Hornet” would be appropriate Decepticon sounding names as “Bumble Bee” sounds too friendly.
ron 1j2jbarricade is a ford mustang and bee is a Chevrolet camero trust me they will not be friends
pro gmeryes i do lol they killed ironhide and ratchet and jazz and sideswipe is already missing dnt know if hes alive but hes my favorite
hari bhaskarI’m Bumblebee was a Decepticon he’d be dead like the other Decepticons, because boi they sure kill Decepticons like it’s nothing.
mighty rajuBlackout had skills. Shockwave had skills. The Fallen had skills. Yet they all died like they’re nothing. Why? Cause they’re Decepticons lol. It’s simple rlly, they kill off Decepticons like they’re nothing that’s just how it is lol.
habobWhat about “what if sentinel prime didn’t betray the autobots”
I think age of extinction and beyond wouldn’t have happened since sentinel basically destroyed N.E.S.T.
And also Rachet and Ironhide wouldn’t have died so the Autobots would have had a great advantage, and then Sam would still be with the autobots since he disappears after DOTMBasically, I’m saying that the Transformers franchise would have dramatically changed if Sentinel didn’t betray the Autobots.
ShyGuy 15In the movies, technically Megatron is an anti-hero. The first movie makes an acception bc he was using the allspark for pure evil, also in Aoe no reason told us what he was trying to accomplish other than detonating the seed. So 2, 3, and 5, he has reasons to his doing
Rotf: using the pyramid to kill the sun and repopulate cybertron.
Dotm: rebuild cybertron.
TLK: kill unicron using cybertron.
This is all in my own mind, not sure if anyone else agrees with me
Simon TysonI forget what it was called, but there was a comic book series where Megatron was an Autobot. It basically swapped all the characters so that Optimus, Bumblebee, Iron Hide, etc. were bad guys. Megatron, Starscream, etc. were good guys
Dank StarscreamIf Bayformer Megatron’s history is similar to the IDW comics Megatron’s history…then that would mean the Autobot government was not all that good, and would be directly responsible for why Megatron turned out the way he did. Because he was a slave to their functionalist system of control, and he would have remained a slave worker miner if he didn’t rise up from the lifestyle forced on him and formed the Decepticon faction… Though it seems to me that if this were the case, Bayformers Megatron would still have become a gladiator before forming the Decepticons…and then eventually he found his way into more of the politics of Cybertron after one day meeting with Optimus Prime (Orion Pax at the time) and then they became brothers/friends. In that sense…it would be similar to how the history of the two were from the show TF Prime. They could still keep the part with the whole Optimus being a knight too, somehow… So in short…Megatron really did not start out as a bad guy at all, it was the way in which he reacted to everything that made him turn out a ‘bad guy’.
She-VenomWhat if Megatron is a good guy in the movies? Simple answer is right here becuse Optimus accepted become a Prime if he didnt accept Optimus and Megatron wouldnt fight each other and best brothers it was Optimus fault he started the war i think Megatron is a good guy

Hoping that you guys liked our collection of the topmost fanfics about the transformers fanfiction crossover flavors that we have published above this.

People Love Bumblebee! i love him/her because bumblebee is cool, let me know why do you love Bumblebee and more importantly why do you guys love Transformers fanfiction on Bumblebee.

Transformers Fanfiction OC Version 

Earning a total amount of $4.3 Billion, transformers became the 13th highest-grossing film series in the world. The Transformers Fanfiction Fans Should be happy to know that the Transformers franchise grossed a total of $1 Billion each from two superhit blockbuster movies. Comment Down the names of those movies if you know them.

Jack RI think the first one was more epic just cause the fight scenes were cool and it was the first time we saw something like that. But the writing and characters were absolutely horrific. Bumblebee had much better writing and characters especially the character relationship between Bumblebee and the girl which is much better than the relationship between Sam and bumblebee.
Dotm ShockwaveYeah I dont know how he put tlk over revenge and extinction. The last knight is incredibly boring and the only remaining aspect left to enjoy (the action) is incredibly dull in it compared to all the other films. There are no good fight scenes. Which is likely why it bombed so hard
Ur mom GaiOk imo the last knight is my fave AND I ONLY like TF5 is cuz bumblebee new form looks good as hell and Optimus prime vs bumblebee AND there is explosions. EVERYWHERE
Boss I definitely didn’t think it was my favorite. It depends on what you are looking for in a movie. If you like character relationships and a girl and her problems trying to find her way, then you’ll like it. If you like transformers actions and interactions, you may not like it as much. Even though the Bay movie didn’t focus enough on the transformers, this one did even less
The Burden of BordemI’m a decepticon fan and none of the main decepticons were even given a name in the movie. They were just there to be bad.
The Burden of BordemFor me I think this film would have worked much better if they just had Starscream as the main villain, and maybe Barricade hunting bumblebee and give them a more personal relation ship as enemies. But like I said, it end up being a movie about a girl and her relation ship with Bumblebee and enemies getting in their way.
bandwonhe main character is more fleshed out than the others, Bumblebee I guess is as well, but he can’t talk so it isn’t by much, the story is standard E.T./Iron Giant, the acting is fine, the directing is probably better than the others, the action is good when it happens, but there is far less than the others, and non of the action reached the peak of the Bay movies. and if it wasn’t for the fact there were transformers in it I probably wouldn’t have really liked it, but it’s enough to get you invested and entertained imo.
luke jackYou really think anyone’s gonna take you serious after you typed “Bumble” Haha the 2007 film and DotM were pretty decent films and satisfying in the end.
lisaSpeaking as a male, it always annoys me, as a child, that certain plot-line of every terribly written sci-fi (mainly Transformers):
“main character is a dick=likable guy”
“he has ‘relatable’ problems, that are only explored in the first 15 minutes of the film”
“He start having an abusive/creepy relationship (because that’s how well written romance works, right…), with the love interest (they barely explore her name).”
“1+ hour action scenes”
“world is gonna explode (not really)”
“Main Character and Love Interest hook up”.
People always call me “a pussy”, because i want equal rights, and then they go make a video about “how everything is now pandering to women, and everything is Woke”…
By your perfect logic… most movies are “pandering to males, and straight people only”
imo not like super duper mad, but kinda upset. It was actually kinda funny. But dude, I love what you said about Man of Steel in your DC ranking video. I love that you love Man of Steel. Not many do, and it’s seriously awesome! IMO

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