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45 Amazing Must Read Fire Emblem Fanfiction

Best Fire Emblem Fanfiction for Fanfiction Lovers

Love Playing Fire Emblem, then you will like Fire Emblem Fanfiction too. Fire Emblem is a dream strategic pretending game establishment created by Intelligent Systems and distributed by Nintendo. we have some of the best fire emblem heroes fanfiction along with best fire emblem crossover fanfiction that we are sure that you people will Like.

Firstly Fire emblem was created and distributed for the Family Computer, the arrangement comprises sixteen principle games that obviously you will know about like the fire emblem fates fanfiction also having comprised of three side projects. 

fire emblem fanfiction

There is a rumor about the ongoing interaction news around the strategic development of characters in fire emblem games across framework based conditions while fusing the theme story a little bit and characters like customary pretending computer games. I am sure that people who like fire emblem fanfiction will like these changes too.

SaintGroyerhonestly, Clair was being a bit of a cow. Tobin and Gray were defending Alm from uncalled for accusations, albeit from a man in grief. Clive, Clair, Tobin, and Gray were all in the wrong during this scene
SlammawhamJust imagine a fully voice-acted FE4 remake where Arvis and Sigurd voice everything. Sigurd’s shock to Deidre’s brainwashing and Sigurd’s sadness to this. His reaction to Arvis’ sentence of death to Sigurd, and then a cutscene of Sigurd and his army being burned alive. This though was a fantasy of mine until Fire Emblem was declared a major IP, and then Echoes was considered as a success by Nintendo
Quickest ZeroI want a remake of FE4 and FE5 so badly, but it’s like, how do you find a workaround incest and child sacrificing, when they’re both central points in one game (FE4) and one in the other (FE5)?
Extra HachseDont Get Blocked Ugly The only incest in Fates, is if you S rank with Azura, since she’s the avatar’s cousin. If you S rank with any of the Hoshidan royal family, they reveal the note they got from Mikoto, saying that they aren’t related to the avatar at all, ruining your reason for even choosing Birthright in the first place.
TehMetalManuThis is what Fates needed so bad, not those bullshit deaths
KongDude88 I guess it’s like “for honor” or something. I’ve done an injustice to my friends I must repay it by dying. Or you could just join them and help their cause. They seriously need to keep voice acting. Even with the little time we knew Mathilda, we know how hard it hit Clive.
King LClive didn’t mean it. He doesn’t hate Alm and really doesn’t blame him. But he’s angry, he’s devastated and he’s not thinking straight. Sometimes you just want to lash out at someone, even if you know it’s wrong. I was mad at Clive at first, but when I think about it, of course he’s going to be angry about losing his wife..
Jared Da CostaAlm-“what if it was a princess”
Clive-“that’s hardly there same thing”
Alm-“it’s exactly the same thing”
Collector TogamiNot gonna lie, I am not the kind to get teary eyed over a video game death. When I beat all 15 Fire Emblems to date, the only time when I genuinely cried was FE4 Chapter 5. Recording this video, however, drove me quite close to it. The voice acting genuinely conveyed the emotions.
JDtheBAdamn, have to say clive is probably one of the most human characters in this game.

A prominent part of Fire emblem fanfiction crossovers is the lasting passing of characters in the fight, expelling them from the remainder of the game should they be crushed. I hope you people liked this collection of fire emblem fanfic people also call it as fire emblem fanfiction.

fanfiction fire emblem

Fire Emblem Fanfiction Crossovers Collection

Moving on to the current advancement in the plays on Fire emblem, There is a news from Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Fire Emblem fanfiction crossover onwards, players get the decision between Classic mode, wherein characters for all beyond words, Casual mode, in which fallen characters can be chosen for the following fight.

Ya Dun Goof’dCorrin Flakes – Kamui is in Fates, though…
TildeHatHuh, apparently IS messed up with their refusal lines if Valbar is dead. They should have different ones, but here they’re playing the normal ones.

What they should be
Leon’s: Selfish dastards! Try thinking of someone else for once! Enough. Just go. …GO already!
Kamui’s: Yeah, I figured it was a stretch. I guess this is goodbye, then. Best of luck.

TheMike0088isn’t his speed growth too low to be an effective dread fighter? if anything, archer would be a good class for him since hunter volley means speed is not an issue.
Superluigi881Agent Biyan Dread fighter improves most of his lacking growths and the skills cover his poor resistance. If you made him a baron he’ll keep the base attack, hp and defence from that too.
AnikiiAnacone Its not cheating if it’s a part of the game. Besides the enemies use dread fighters too and they’re annoying to deal with for most classes. And anything to make the post game dungeon not a headache.
ActinionSince Leon is sobbing his eyes out, the developers should’ve made something more sad play than the regular theme in the interior.
Jetrin LeeLeon: Valbar, I loved you. This is your fault lady. Now you must let me join because I’m the only archer unit in your route.
Kamui: Valbar is dead. Let me join you, I’m in it for the money.
JOKER N64I don’t really like missing out on a character but now that I think about it Leon’s kind of a Di*k to you. Kamui is fine. I like him all the same
Le DomZepherdict Wh-… SERIOUSLY?! AUGH HIS STORY IS EVEN MORE HEART TEARING THAN I THOUGHT!!! sobs gayly in the corner
Seiko is HollyLeon: cries about Valbar


The arrangement Advancements include the “Discharge Emblem”, Fire Emblem fanfic lovers also call it as a regal weapon or shield that speaks to the intensity of war in the game and mythical beasts, a repetitive component in the arrangement. I hope that you guys liked the above-mentioned Fire emblem Fanfiction Crossovers, we will Move forward to our next fanfic collection.

Fire Emblem Heroes Fanfiction

Improvement of the primary level in the Fire Emblem game started jointly as a venture by Shouzou Kaga and three different designers who played a good role in the hits. Its prosperity provoked the advancement of further titles in the Series of the Fire Emblem Fanfiction Heroes. Shouzou Kaga headed the improvement of every section until the arrival of Thracia.

Ma rcI ones killed Zeke before going to Nuibaba and then i realized i did something wrong

So i restarted the whole game 🙂

Ravensburgerwell all Oifayes are Jagens, but not all Jagens are Oifayes. Oifayes are units like: Oifaye, Seth and Titania. Standart Jagens are units like: Jagen, Marcus(fe6) and Frederick.
PotatoGurlSashaActually it’s more like Nuibaba sacrificed Tatiana while Alm fought Zeke. The time you used to fight Zeke could have been the time you used to save Tatiana.
Lady Blue RainbowIf Zeke/Camus/Zekamus didn’t tell her right off the bat, then it’s his responsability and NOT Tatiana’s. If he chose her EVEN AFTER remembering Nyna, then it’s HIS responsability too. He’s not some frail infant who cannot take his own decisions or something.
Salsbachi will elaborate this a bit more for you. if you visit the ezekiel map before going to nuibaba’s abode, retreat from battle and THEN head to nuibaba’s abode, tatiana will also be nowhere to be found. So it’s not an event that is triggered by ezekiel’s death per se. it’s triggered by going left before going right.

edit: nvm, just don’t kill jerome before going right.

ThePontusAnderssonWhat happens if you recrude Est without Palla and Catria, but then she dies before speaking with them.
Phantom TGAME OVER/TIME PARADOX. “Alm, what have you done?! You created a time paradox! You cant go changing the future like that!”
KaylaThing is I killed zens on accident I thought Tobin wasn’t gonna kill him.I didn’t even get Mathilda or Tatiana, I’m such a good Echoes player :).
Maria Alice Tatiana does NOT know about Zeke’s past. He’s amnesiac so he can’t tell her and when he does remember he doesn’t really tell her a lot either. Tatiana does wish he wouldn’t remember, but she tells Alm that she feels horrible about it.

In no way is ever implied that Tatiana knows who Zeke is and is keeping the truth away from him. I kiiiiinda wonder why you came up with such an idea. And if you’re a Camus/Nyna shipper who blames Tatiana for Nyna and Zeke/Camus nit being together any longer, then it’s even sillier.

Neptunias BeardLeon: Valbar is dead! Waaaaah!
Kamui: Valbar is dead! …How the fuck am I going to get paid?

Advance Wars, the game which was released in 2001 turn into a very long term based strategies game, had recently discharged before Super Smash Bros.To be honest this was directly or you can say indirectly targeting the Fire Emblem Game who had a huge amount of Fire Emblem fanfiction lovers all around the world.

Fire Emblem Awakening Fanfiction

It is also said that Skirmish two months earlier, which was such a triumph, that Designer Kentaro Nishimura expressed “Advance Wars” had a plan to be moved to Nintendo’s mentality despite the people who did not like this decision.” Additionally, he goes to state that the Fire Emblem fanfiction Awakening stories would have never crossed the oceans toward the west had Advance Wars not have a noticeable effect.

BoarbaqueMist:”My brother will save us.”


Saladave thIke has lost his mind, the dead men he could have saved… it gnaws at his heart with every second
Timothy McLean“Ike, how do you keep being the only survivor of these battles?”
“I’m good at killing people, at least.”
“I mean, why does nobody else ever survive?”
“That’s what I meant.”
Berserker Swordsman

Ike: How are things looking over there, Soren?

Soren: Same as here. There are corpses strewn everywhere.


The Dragon Girl 27Greil: take command

(Oscar and Boyd die and titiania is wounded)

Ike:…. oops

Greil: I will now trust you with Ryhs

(Rhys dies)

Greil: uhhhm have Shinnon and Gartre

(Shinnon and Gartre die)

Greil: ok ike now have sore-

Ike: dad accept the fact I suck at comanding

(Black knight kills greil)

Greil: ….I need you to take care of everything…. the company…. the princess…. mis..t

Ike: dad accept the fact I’m an imbecile

Greil: ….. (ded)

castilloGreil: “Assemble your men and get going.”
gmanpizzaWhen Rolf joins the party, and if Oscar is dead, his conversation with Boyd is completely different. It turns from some friendly sibling banter into Rolf crying because he doesn’t want Boyd dying while he’s hiding. He even specifically said “Oscar went off to battle, and never came back.” It’s really sad.
semarronNaziro for the idiot joketers . one he molded the game or 2 he dropped her items and let her take a beating . she isn’t unkillible
BaboGreil: Remember–you’ve got only one life. I don’t want any of you dying on me.

Ike: proceeds to let everyone die

KappaRoss“I fight for the dead!”
Or alternatively and perhaps edgier
“I fight for revenge!”

No video games in the arrangement of Fire Emblem were discharged outside of Japan until two characters, Marth and Roy who were one of the main characters of the theme of the story, were incorporated as playable characters in the 2001 battling game Super Smash Bros. Fire Emblem Fanfiction Lovers Loved Such amazing Characters. Their notoriety, in the long run, persuaded Nintendo to discharge the following game, The Blazing Blade, in Western districts under the title Fire Emblem in 2003.

Fire Emblem Fanfiction Lemon

Numerous games in the arrangement have sold well, in spite of a decrease during the 2000s which brought about the arrangement’s close scratch-off. Singular passages have for the most part been calculated, and the arrangement all in all has been commended for its ongoing interaction on Fire emblem Fanfiction Lemon, and it is referred to as an original arrangement in the strategic pretending type. Characters from numerous games have additionally been remembered for hybrids with different establishments.

abc defI’d say because almost all characters show up consistantly to talk about plot, so it’s easier for it to say they retreated, not let you play as them going forward and still keep them in the story, like what happens with some very important characters in other games
Keegan Bensonguys, its classic mode, not casual. in casual, their speech pops up like when they are talking, there’s no depressing music, and they come back the next battle.
redkid555Takumi: dies
Sakura: Takumi, no! also dies seconds later
Frederick: I’ll try even harder! literally dies 1 second later
LrdvltrBecause that’s an actual good game unlike this pile of shit.

You lose the emotional investment when you start churning out McFireEmblem titles like Fates & Warriors.

Benjamin CastellanosMe: hahaha most of these guys just getting tossed like rags-
Tiki death appears
XxxJim_ theCain’s Speed is not that great but his Strength Stat is.
Abel can pawn every enemy in my Playthrough so I need to get him out of the Enemy’s Range so that I can train my Bishops and Etzel.
Matthew CoyleSome of these are retreat quotes but ones like Xander, Sakura, and Chrom sound like they straight up die. Frederick sounds mostly disappointed and inconvenienced which makes sense because bother (but a hammer or armor slayer) can kill Fredrick!
Collector Togami here’s what I’ll do. When the DLCs start coming out, I will be doing videos where those units die. I can add male Corrin, female Robin, and masked “Marth” to one of those videos. That way, you guys can see the quotes for those units, while still seeing something new when the time comes.
nintonintendo1Sakura’s voice actress did the best job. Elise is a close second.
Camilla’s one and Robin’s did a good impression too
ThatLittlePeanutThat moment Sakura witnesses Takumi’s death shortly before being killed herself broke my heart for some reason.

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