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Best Lion King Fanfiction That You Should Read

Loved The Lion King that was released in 1994? Then you should also love lion king fanfiction. The lion king is an American energized melodic movie product that was delivered by Walt Disney Feature studio Animation and legally launched by Walt Disney Pictures. Lion king fanfiction crossover movie is the 32nd Disney energized animated movie and the fifth vivified film created during the golden time of Disney Renaissance.

The Lion King fanfiction crossover including the movie was coordinated and given direction by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, delivered by Don Hahn, and if you google the screenplay credit, it was done by Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts, and Linda Woolverton. further advancement in the series of The Lion King fanfiction lemon started in 1988 dated during the time while advancing Oliver and Company in Europe.

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The fanfiction Lion King crossover has its unique tunes were composed by writer Elton John and lyricist Tim Rice, with a score by Hans Zimmer. The film includes an outfit voice cast that incorporates Matthew Broderick, James Earl Jones, Jeremy Irons, partnered by Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Moira Kelly, Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella, Assisted by Rowan Atkinson, Robert Guillaume, Madge Sinclair, Special Thanks to Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin, and Jim Cummings.

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Dinnertime DadMy lil bro: How did Scar kill Mufasa?
Me: He had the high ground
Idazmi7Mufasa: “The hyenas never told you what happened to your father.”
Simba: “They told me enough! They told me you banished him!”
Mufasa: “No… I am your father.”
Simba: “No… that’s not true… that’s impossible!”
Mufasa: “Search your feelings, you KNOW it to be true!”



trys to get scars hand



Scar: Your not the chosen one,

– Rafiki
ZaireSimba does but Scar gets pissed and runs away crying while the camera man follows 😂
ZephiiMufasa: my assistant will explain further.
Rafiki: phillipe’s not your dad
Anime Freak if you were little and seen the Lion King two AND NOT PART ONE, you’ll get so confused. And years later when you’re 8 years old, and you see part one, it’s like a mega plot twist on god. Everything makes more sense.
CMDRFandragonobi wan: I HAVE THE HIGH GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anikan: let’s try spinning that’s a good trick
Anikan: aaaaaah🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Idazmi7Simba: “He must stand trial!”
Mufasa: “He has control of the hyenas and the lionesses: he’s too dangerous to be left alive!”
Scar: “No don’t! Please don’t!”
Simba: “No!” (throws Mufasa over cliff)
DorneyderGamerSimba: It’s over Scar, I have the high ground!
Scar: You underestimate the power of the King!

The story of the lion king fanfic starts in a realm of lions in Africa, we all know Africa is a place know for lions and if you dug down deep into some unturned pages in the history of the lion king franchise, you will find that the lion king crossover fanfiction was affected by the Biblical accounts of Josephs and William Shakespeare‘s Hamlet that is famous worldwide.

lion king fanfiction

Some Unread Lion King Fanfic That will Blow Your Mind 

The Lion King fanfic story recounts to the account of Simba (who is the leading character in the lion king series), a youthful lion who has to succeed his dad, Mufasa, as King of the Pride Lands; no matter what happens, after Simba’s fatherly uncle Scar (who is typically the villain character in this story) murders Mufasa. The lion king fanfiction lemon and lion king fanfiction crossover revolves all-around these two characters Simba and scar.

CheyenneI did watch the film theory vid, but he didn’t say anything that I didn’t already know about lions. Except that groups of male lions are called coalitions. I already knew that lion brothers often stay in a group once they’re booted out of the pride to look for other territory, I just didn’t know they were called coalitions. (Though, lions don’t really grasp the concept of incest being bad, the dominant(lion king fanfiction) male just kicks them out before they can challenge and supplant him Greek mythology style. Avoiding incest is just a fortunate coincidence. Most of the time.
SpacetimecloudsWell, in the wild, brother lions stay together and “rule” their pride together. So Scar would not have killed his brother or tried to kill his brother’s son in the wild.

And I am not sure if he would eat other lions… Real lions don’t eat even other predators that they kill (or at least feline predators). They usually kill them and let the body there to be eaten by vultures.

reminds me of Game of Thrones when Jon Snow presented Longlaw to Jorah:

Kion: Like it or not, you’re the king.

Simba: I broke my father’s heart right up to when he died. I forfeited the right to claim that title. smiles It’s yours

AceOfVoodooFor the record, to everyone that is saying that you would get Kovu if scar raised Simba, you forget that Kovu was raised by Zira, not Scar, Zira was far more obsessed with revenge than the careful and meticulous planning, Scar was far more careful in his plans than Zira, I think that Simba would have had some similarities to Kovu, however I think he would be more meticulous and cunning than Kovu was.(lion king fanfiction)
F. Kalternative version was a masterpiece and I love the voice over and putting Kion as Simba’s younger brother instead of his son and making Simba a rouge lion at the end of the video was pretty good and if this was the real vision the reviews and box office would be very different!
Starkewhat if Scar just keeps Simba under his paw after Mufasa’s death and takes over as regent. Simba grows up with Scar as mentor and King, getting on with a perpetual prince status, while Scar demonstrates his inaptitude as King until the point he breaks the circle of life and makes the land barren. At which point Scar has to face Sarabi’s rebellion, which he thwarts and put to death.
JesseOr… Scar kills Mufasa.. And since Scar is loved by Simba, then raises him. We do not know Scar killed Mufasa and we find out somehow when Simba decides Scar doesnt have his best interest in mind.
Glitched_EyeMufasa: the test results have come in, Rafiki can you tell the results

Rafiki: strumming a guitar Scars not your dad

AlwaysGonnaSingActually, something about this video really bugged me and I think it was the general air of arrogance. This plot is in no way an improvement over the original movie and, in my opinion anyway,(lion king fanfiction) would’ve been really dull and cliche and lacking in a strong thematic core. I think it could’ve been an interesting concept if taken in a different direction, but this is really just overhyped fanfiction.
ParadiseMe: Grabs legendary Pump Shotgun then cranks 90’s.

The Story of the lion king fanfic continues as Simba is controlled into intuition he was dependable on others and escapes into the outskirts. Subsequent Here the fun part in the story starts as Simba is experiencing childhood in the organization and accompanied by cheerful outsiders Timon and Pumbaa, Simba spends his childhood and he gets the significant point of view in his life from his cherished companion, Nala, and his shaman, Rafiki, before Simba coming back to move Scar to end his oppression.

The Lion King Fanfiction Crossover 2020

It is Said that Thomas M. Disch composed a movie(The lion king) treatment, and Woolverton built up the so-called principal contents that every lion king fanfiction lover loves, and as the details say that in the lion king crossover fanfiction, George Scribner was marked on as movie executive, after some time of the success it was later joined by Allers. The Lion King fanfic was discharged and released on June 15, 1994, to a positive response from onlookers, who applauded the film for its very good music, excellent story, and direction.

SavageIt’s honestly really nice seeing the hyenas being good and being on mufasa‘s side instead of scar’s side.
Pennywisei have to disagreed because yes, they just wanted food but they was selfish, the hyenas don’t care about the circle of life, to be sure the circle of life is not just every animals can eat but it about to not take the more you need so they still evil, they even wanted to kill Simba!(lion king fanfiction)
MelanieHyenas was always good just no one knows story
I saw the video about them
Hyenas just wanted food and they went on scars side then was bad
That picture were hyenas was sad and crying it was the picture from hyenas story
ESCMolitva Part of Sarabis death was very sad. Still waiting for “We are one” with Shenzi and Jasiri and what if Scar and Zira adopted Simba after Mufasa dies
Red LionIf the hyenas was good instead of bad then they most likely would’ve never been scar’s troopers and would’ve never helped cause the stampede for scar, maybe the hyenas would’ve help simba after scar killed mufasa but scar probably wouldn’t allow that, maybe the hyenas would live in the pride lands instead of the out lands after they gain mufasa’s trust before his death(lion king fanfiction), but for some reason, in the lion king and in the lion guard, most hyenas are evil, ruthless and intelligent scavengers and killers but not all hyenas are evil, some are actually good.
HimuraThis is an interesting idea, I would have liked to see the Hyenas as good guys, seeing little Simba play with the hyenas and having fun was pretty cute.
Lillie ct’s lovely to see the hyenas being good, and not staying on Scar’s side, but seriously, you make the best videos of Lion King/ Lion Guard ever! KiaraMarBalto
diamondsThis is adorable.
Honestly I think in the actual movie the hyenas were manipulated and not actually evil, but it’s really nice to see a visualization of the hyenas living alongside the lions
MelanieHyenas are good just no one don’t know hyenas story
I saw the video about hyenas
Hyenas was good but they was always hungry and wanted food
Then they went on scars side
Even in scars long story he says they were so nice when he was a kid
And the picture were hyenas cry when sarabi die it’s the picture from the hyenas story
Bomby & LucindaPuma : what if scar and Zara adopted Simba
Timon: that’s a stupid idea
Timon: wait I have a idea how about scar and Zara adopt Simba
Me: the same always

The lion king Creation started in 1991 simultaneously with Pocahontas and was said that the franchise of the lion king crossover fanfiction ended up drawing in huge numbers of Disney’s top illustrators and designers. Sometime after the staff who was selected on the lookout to Hell’s Gate National Park situated in Kenya to look into The Lion King’s setting and creatures.

The Lion King Lemon Fanfiction 2020 

After some time of the success of the lion king franchise, Scribner left creation, This was Shock for all the lion king fanfiction lovers all around the globe contradicting the choice to transform the film into a soft melodic move on, and was supplanted and changed the course by Minkoff. By the point when Hahn joined the venture of the lion king, he was disappointed with the content story of the lion king fanfiction lemon and the story was said to be instantly reworked.

KelsTheGamerKatThis would have to change THE WHOLE lion king story, in the lion king 2, for example, zira wouldnt have been so against simba becuase she THOUGHT simba killed scar, but in this case he would still be alive, and then kovu wouldnt follow ziras plan to kill simba at first, and then zira wouldnt even die, and then baby simba wouldnt even meet pumba and tamone, becuase he would never run away into the open savanna, but over all this is a gud way to have the lion king:3
RayaneSimba your uncle is not bad
-I know, I love himThis part had me almost crying, such forgiveness is so emotional.
PrideRockstsrI have to be honest. I would love Mufasa to be still alive. I don’t care if people said there wouldn’t be a good story if There’s no Villain but I really want Mufasa alive😞
Funtimetoymaybe it could have gone like this were Mufasa was asking for scars help up so he tries to help him but then the hyenas come and then scar accidentally let’s go and then scar and Simba yell no and when Simba cuddles with his dead father, scar apologies for what he has done, Simba gets scared and runs away and scar yells No Wait and the hyenas come and Chase Simba off,
Lightning62Sadly I don’t count the lion guard, It kinda ruined the personalities of many characters, Simba became way to aggressive, Kiara way to snotty and bratty, Scar more mad than what he was built to be when it was the HYENAS that killed him, may I go on?
Lul_LexisWait a damn minute. So scar adopted kovu. Scar is kiaras uncle. Kovu and kiara are in love which means KIARA IS IN LOVE WITH HER ADOPTED COUSIN!!!!!
BorderAhadi never wanted two kids (only one could be king)
Ahadi hated Taka but Uru loved him dearly
One day Taka went into the out lands and his father found out
Ahadi beat Taka to near death gving him his scar
Taka moved on and was now called Scar
He fell in love with Zira after knowing her for years when Ahadi killed her mom
when Mufasa was to be king in the coming year Ahadi killed Uru
Scar, very upset killed Ahadi.(lion king fanfiction)
He married Zira and had a son named Nuka and a daughter named Vitani
They adopted a son named Kovu
SImba killed Scar
XxHinoxXScar was good he just felt like a runt unloved to get attsntion ahadi said mufasa would be king but scar wanted to be king when scar and mufasa were cubs scars name was TaKa which meant trash in swahilli and mufasa in swahilli meant king scar planned revenge
NotTriggeredAhadi wasn’t necessarily abusive to Scar, though. Mufasa was always the heir and Taka was a brat. Mufasa tried multiple times to get his brother to come around. Scar never did.
Liketruuue I mostly like friends on the other side, poor unfortunate souls, mother knows best, the minds most greatest criminal I think that’s what it was called? Anyways I love more but kind of forgot the names. End of story the villains usually have the best songs and or singing well to me.

After Some minutes of activity, arrangements were created at the Disney-MGM(Metro-Goldwyn-Maye) Studios amusement park in Florida. The Lion King Lemon Fanfiction including the PC movement was additionally utilized in a few scenes, This Pc Movement was taken into account in the wildebeest charge succession.

Simba and Nala fanfiction lion king

With a Total overall gross of $766 million, The lion completed its showy run as the most noteworthy earning arrival of the year 1994, also referenced that The Lion King Simba and Nala Fanfiction earned two Academy Awards for its accomplishment and achievements in music and the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. The Lion King Has the most noteworthy netting vivified film and the second-most noteworthy earning film ever. 

no u the idea of Scar saving Simba in the stampede is just so dumb and overrated! I don’t even know why everyone else wanted it! I mean, clearly! Why did she take an idea so crappy like that and turn it into a reality? That could’ve been, and should’ve been an AU on what would happen if Good Cop from The Lego Movie didn’t die!
maddyWell this is plausible, if Zira seen what happened before Scar became king, then she’d see how awful Scar really was. Maybe she’d go as far as to disown him and take Nuka away from an abusive father figure and give him a better life. The Zira we see only saw Simba killing Scar and that was her mindset throughout the movie. If Simba could’ve explained to Zira that Scar had killed Simbas father then she’d see how things really are.
xRaineDropsxZira is one of my favorite characters and I always wonder on what if she saw Scar murdering Mufasa. And yeah, She did give Nuka a better life.
LeaderKirstenCatDogI Like Love it do a Lion King Scar and Zira and there three kids are Good and they live with Mufasas Rock and all the Lions Mufasa,Sarabi,Simba,Kiara,Kovu,Nuka,Vitani,Scar,Zira,Kopa, and all the other Lionesses and they Fight the Hyena’s and other bad animals
I would Love that xd 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Sharkwhy Scar was the king if Simba survived? Simba should be the king since Mufasa’s death (yes, i know that he’s very young but in sometimes a child may take the throne lion king fanfiction), Zira will make Scar be exiled and he would be a young king with no experience to deal with other problems, like outlanders, so his mother Sarabi would help him. Since Simba can’t fight they need a new “Lion Guard”, but without the roar power. 3y later Simba is a great king, but he still not matture enough. His son and future king is Kopa, a male lion.
MIAWait if Zira is good she should be staying with PrideLands with Nuka too
DexterAnd in Simbas Pride. When Zira accused kovu of killing his “own brother”

I would have loved to see her reaction then to knowing scar had killed his.

The irony.

Turneraccording to the dusney Wikia and the film’s writers, scar was originally meant to be korvu’s dad but the idea was scrapped for being too predictable and obvious to everyone watching. Sadly no, scar is not his dad.
HossainSimba – Who are you?
Zira – I’m Zira. I’m your Aunt
Simba – My Aunt?
Zira – Yes now let me take you home
Sarabi – Zira
Zira – here’s your Son
Simba – Mom Aunt Zira took me home and said that Uncle Scar killed my Dad she’s my favorite Aunt
Sarabi – Thank you. Thank you Zira😢
Zira – Your welcome I have to punish Scar for the murder thing he did 😠
Sparkledogbh, Simba brought a lot of the second movie’s conflict on himself. From my understanding, Simba just banished Zira because she was Scar’s mate? Like, she had nothing to do with what happened to his family(lion king fanfiction) or the pride lands, but he kicked her out anyway. By doing so, he put her and innocent children in danger which is a dick move. Of course that would make a group of desperate, starving lions want to retaliate lmao.

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