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49+ One Piece Fanfiction That You Must Read in 2020

One Piece Fanfiction That Every Fanfictioner Must Read

Truly “One Piece” is one of the best anime that has been displayed worldwide is totally infamous there are tons and tons of one piece fanfiction lovers that are always fascinated after reading one piece fanfiction stories,  and I am damn sure that you people are one of those one-piece fans those are loyally watching to one piece episodes from a very long time.

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One Piece is a Japanese manga series that is launched on July 22, 1997, One-piece has a Japanese name called as “wan pisu” that very very one-piece fans know about. This Anime was directed by Eiichiro Oda. One Piece is Produced by Toei Animation that has been broadcasting various other manga series since 1997. The Below mentioned One Piece Fanfictions are one  of the best on the internet.

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Cool Space CadetCool space CadetTo clarify something in the fanfiction, we only wanted to include flashbacks that would have their corresponding present-day arc in the timeline. For example, Fisher Tiger breaks out Boa Hancock in 1509, yet it’s not mentioned here. That will be brought up if we do a timeline that includes the Fishman Island, arc where his entire story is told. One Piece tells stories that take place in the past as much they do the present. Both past and present feel richer if mentioned in proximity. That was also my reasoning for including the canon light novel content focused on Ace. Despite coming out recently, it makes more sense with the rest of Ace’s story()
Stolas The Great PrinceStolas the great princeFor those saying that Zeff didn’t eat his leg: he did in the manga. In the anime they censored it by having Zeff cut off his leg when it got trapped underwater. The anime censored many things, like Akainu burning half of Whitebeard’s moustache instead of melting half of his face like in the manga
DaidriveCJDual drive CJI can imagine how potentially long the full unsimplified Timeline will be when the manga and maybe even the anime too ends in 8-10 years or so. This alone, at this present time is still a massive undertaking, thank you for what you’ve done so far with this!
one piece fanfiction watching the seriesHylan171One Piece timeline! Just a few critiques though. You could have named the main baddie’s devil fruits, its a highlight of the fights. The same goes for Chopper and Brook’s fruits too. The bounty increase after beating Crocodile should have been mentioned as well since he took down a Warlord of the Sea. Speaking of Warlords, no mention of Doflamingo? No? Really? And the 11 Supernovas needed names dropped since they’re pretty important later.
Komi-San Must be Protected
Everybody dies, buggy becomes the king of the pirates for approximately 1 minute before Eneru arrives, and epic battle ensues until the day is saved by Condoriano who then uses his holy power (granted to him by Usopp who after shedding his mortal shell became the one true Go.D Usopp) too smite all the unclean and the series continues in two-piece.
one piece fanfiction luffy secretZack Bolduc
Luffy DID jump right into the New World when he ran into the Battle of Marineford… And there he DID experience trauma and physical damage… I have a feeling if Luffy didnt enter Marineford and didnt experience helplessness and trauma, he may have just went on into the New World just like the others
one piece fanfiction luffy's pastAnthony MontiDoes anyone think Kuma had bigger plans for Franky when sending him to Vegapunks laboratory… I know it makes sense sending him there but, I think that’s a little sus Kuma sending a SUPER inventor to Vegapunks lab who is the man responsible for turning Kuma into a cyborg then robot after, and franky who is a cyborg himself…. I think theres way more imfomation Franky knows that hasn’t been discussed yet
stanj85stanj85Honestly, it’d be kinda cool if Rayleigh went with them for however long he was actually training Luffy, with the excuse of “Training Them On The Go.” Obviously, he’d have to train them much harder, but he could train them multiple at a time, and have them train their Haki against each other. Hell Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji might even have very very basic Armament and Observation by the time they get to Punk Hazard, which wouldn’t have Ceasar yet as the big Admiral Fight Never Happened. Hell, they probably wouldn’t fight anyone until they got to Doffy, where the first real problem would show up.
SeiyaTheGreatsaya the greatLuffy without G4 cannot beat Doffy, but maybe that would require more teamwork. Maybe instead of a single king kong gun taking him out, we see a combined G3, Asura, Diable Jambe attack to take him out similar to the first Pacifista. I doubt Rayleigh would just come in and reck shit up, as he would want to train the straw hats, and he very well knows that fighting strong Haki Users would make them stronger faster.
naruto x one piece fanfictionmaggeioI think a likely scenario (because of plot armor) is that they catch an ass whopping from someone, and then stumble upon Shanks. Shanks beats it into their heads that they can’t challenge a Yonkou yet, and then he has the Straw Hats work under him until they get stronger. I think I’d like to see that.

So the story revolves around the main character Monkey D Luffy, shortly known as Luffy, This boy eats a devil fruit, by eating that fruit he grows a power of Rubber in his body. One Piece Fanfiction crossover Lovers Love this Character the most. After having this power he searches for the most powerful “One Piece” Treasure to become the undisputed pirate king of the world.

One Piece Fanfiction Time Travel

As The Anime Moves on, Luffy and His gang have been made friends with a time traveler and made him their alley for a long time now. One Piece Anime had made everyone along with Fanfiction lovers very much curios, This is the act when “Kin’emon” who is the time traveler confirmed he told them that he was from the past, and  The Time Travekker also told that he was not the only one, and there were many of his kind.

one piece luffy and nami fanfictioncyi would love if the fruit makes someone able to slow time or speed it up instead of just jumping in time forward or stopping time. Kind of like the Noro Noro beams from Foxy but 360 degree like 5-10 meters and anybody in this circle will get affected by the power. The fruit also could be powered up by observation haki like Enels fruit to see seconds/minutes into the future like Katakuri to dodge attacks.
fanfiction one piecespeed raserThere’s another BROKEN ability it could have. Send a person 30 seconds into the future, put a pole or sword where they would be, and let them reappear on the weapon. Insta death!
one piece gamer fanfictionigneel1998“Oh the strawhats are defeating us, jump 10 into the future and wipe em out then!” Yes wipe out the strawhats 10 years into the future, when they’ll be way stronger than they are now!
ruser0084ruse0017Chrono Trigger is one of my all time favorites on the Snes. I consider it second only to Final Fantasy V in terms of rpgs on the Snes.
Hatem GribiHatem gibriYou teleport the ennemi 5 seconds in the future. In the meantime you place yourself behind where he will reappear and finish him. Toki Toki no Mi : OP fruit for combat
one piece marco joins straw hat crew fanfictionL LawlietWHen youve been subbed since the bleach reviews.. And all you wonder at this point is how much lower tekking will go in his skits😭😂😂😂 Best low budget skits of all time
ArkoArkoI’d imagine in battle the fruit could function like Destiny Hero – Doom Lord’s/ Devil Guy’s monster effect in Yu-gi-oh GX. You sent your enemy few turns/seconds foward in time and then time your attack with that.
Its HjitsHJAnother situation might have happened: 1) shanks could have find out that luffy is in new world and trained him. 2) Luffy could have participated with marco to fight black Beard and after that he could have trained him. 3) he could have meet with mad monk guy on lightning iland and start an alliance. 4) maybe kidd would have contacted luffy for an alliance and then you know wano arc.
immortal naruto one piece fanfictionsammyjay4324I assume those coloration are unofficial, cause there currently triggering my fanfiction plot line senses. Also, alot of stuff seems to have gone down 20 years ago in the one piece storyline
immortal naruto one piece fanfictionChristian Boiserspeaking of stopping time, I guess it’s time for you to discuss about one of the very underused yet op devil fruit. The Slow-Slow Fruit, Noro-Noro No Mi !! as far as the series goes still one of my favorite DF

This was our take on the One Piece Fanfiction Time Travel and we hope many one Piece Fanfiction Love This sub divided fanfiction of the one-piece Anime.

One Piece Fanfiction Watching The Future

One Piece has been rocking the anime region from a very long time, if I am not wrong One Piece was and is one of the best anime that people have ever seen in this whole 20th century and down coming 2 decades, there are a lot of one “piece fanfiction watching the future” on the internet and we are one of them.

one piece fanfiction luffy saves thatchLivern000If Garp saved Luffy from the sea king instead of Shanks. I could imagine Luffy wanting to be much more like his grandfather. Especially if Garp lost an arm. Luffy would wear a dog hood and regularly declare “I’m gonna be the worlds greatest hero”. He’d have spent his childhood learning the Six Styles. And he’d form a small crew with Coby, Zoro, and Helmeppo. Sometimes sailing with Garp but often hitching rides with other marines including Smoker
one piece crossover fanfictionadan123If Luffy didn’t eat the devil fruti let’s say Yassop delivered it to his son. And Ussop becomes a rubber man using the powers completely differently to Luffy often using his body as a slingshot. His invulnerability to blunt attacks makes him much braver and he forms a crew with Sanji and later on Franky.
Project TRPnmaneUssop would still be weaker than Luffy but Luffy is very gullible still so would never catch him plus they’d still kind of be friends. Ussop and sanji become supernovas around the same time that Luffy would’ve. Garp knocks Luffy and Zoro out before they could punch the celestial dragon so Sanji ends up kicking the dragon in the face while luffys unconscious
one piece fanfiction luffy heartbrokenDrop CjImagine if Luffy somehow got Zoro to join the marines: There could be a completely different dynamic with Tashigi. Instead of a one-sided rivalry you could set it up as the reverse of the Zoro-Kuina-situation, where Tashigi would continue to challenge Zoro and they’d just permanently push each other to get stronger. The perfect symmetry, that’d be so satisfying.
Jose Diazaff ajriGets put in charge of raising the son of the King of the Pirates and the son of the Most Wanted Man, but wants to have them become strong marines when they’re older. Also puts them to live in the same house as Mountain Bandits Both children grow up to turn into pirates I wonder what went wrong…
one piece fanfiction protective crewI am aniIt would be more cool if Garp die in Marineford saving Luffy&Ace in your history. ;0 that way Luffy will hate pirates and corruption.
Viksinpesy tyImagine this: like you said, luffy learns haki early, then, sometime after Whitebeard dies, his devil-fruit appears again… and luffy eats it.
Spur Ninecow byiGarp would probably love Luffy and when Ace dies both Luffy and Garp would probably not been able to be stopped when he died. So F whoever kills ace in that timeline
Kirill FatunKeri PeriLuffy would never have gotten his devil fruit well maybe an devil fruit but i don’t think gomu gomu no mi and also ace would not have gotten the mera mera no mi most likely
Ferfes ___FlamesWith zoro become a marine and every thing, I really think that he and tashigi’s relationship would be interesting to watch unfold.

I hope you Guys Liked This Fanfiction One Piece and if you wanna check One Piece Fanfiction Time Travel it is mentioned above and make sure you guys also check Power ranger fanfiction. The above mentioned are one piece fanfiction watching the future.

Must Read Fanfiction One Piece

PharoMajestyGoku xx1The ending of this scenario entirely hinges on the strength of the Gorosei. Tekking assumes they’re weak, but I maintain that they are all beasts (at least I hope so). Especially Gandhi. In this situation, I could see them capturing Ace and going through with the execution arc. It would be even more dangerous because Whitebeard would have no real reason to show up. Good luck Luffy…
embraceyourinner tophatHitlerIf Ace was a Warlord, he would if got that Boa Hancock poon
Mudkip Games258Blue lagooncould seeing Ace taking over Drum Island with Dalton as one of his top tiers with Chopper as a crew member
Art Wormscigaar 23The sad thing is: one of these days, we will learn what Roger’s actual goal was (saving/uniting the world etc.). The common people and marines hated him and thus Ace as well, even though Roger was probably trying to help them. Yet Ace will never know this.
Siriusly OrionDark amitAce is amazing 🔥, it’s just really sad that sabo was too late too see him again. And Tekking I really really like these videos about each character and their story as well as, what if discussions , that you do x
Khalid KhalifbeyarunI have great confidence that one of the “cleansing’s” the five elder stars talked about, was the culling of pregnant women and new born children after Roger’s death…just a thought.
Predator Exprocus proWhat if the ASL pirates were a thing. Like Luffy, Ace and Sabo be pirates on the same crew. They could possibly be three captains in one crew or three captains part of an alliance and/or empire
Andrew CullenSeashoreMihawk really is the ultimate neutral neutral character. He’s neither lawful or chaotic nor is he good or evil. Blackbeard is chaotic evil, Aikainu is lawful evil, Fujitora is lawful good and Luffy himself is chaotic good. I would say Magelen is lawful neutral and Law is chaotic neutral.
Musomania27WowowoI think it’s because he’s a lot like his dad and the safe things that lured Roger into piracy lured him as well. Also Garp’s harsh and domineering nature kind of revolted Ace as well. So he likely pretended to be a pirate with Sabo to stick it to Garp. Maybe they also bonded over that, that Ace could relate to Sabo’s hate for his parental figures. However with Luffy’s genuine desire to become a pirate and Sabo’s death the games about being a pirate became a lot more serious.
May DaisiesChristine jAlso i just realized, where were the Spades during Marineford? We know they joined Whirebeard too but they’re ghosts when their initial captain is on deaths door. Ah well im sure it’ll be elaborated on if Luffy ever meets them

Note: Naruto was first licensed in the English language by Viz Media.

Everyone is talking about what if Luffy who is the main character in the anime was a marine. There is a huge Hype for the answer to this question, we have given those One Piece Crossover Fanfiction Below We hope all the One Piece Fanfiction lover like that.