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Best Overlord Fanfiction Collection 2020-21

Overlord originated as a Japanese light novel arrangement which was composed by author Kugane Maruyama. Overlord fanfiction started serialization online in 2010 along with overlord crossover fanfiction, preceding being obtained by Enterbrain which was the entertainment hub of that time. Thirteen volumes of people may call it as seasons, have been distributed since July 30, the year 2012.

overlord fanfiction

The creator Kugane Maruyama has expressed that he has gotten ready for 20 books however with the exact confirmation to be done in the future. A manga adjustment of overlord fanfiction crossover by Satoshi Ōshio, with workmanship by Hugin Miyama, started serialization in manga magazine Comp Ace from November 26, the dated the year 2014.

It is Said that Both the light books and the manga are authorized in North America with a discharge date of November 8, 2016. Here We go on to start Our Collection of the Best Fanfiction Overlord anime that you can hardly find on any other networks.

The observerGreat Tomb of Nazarick: *Ainz Suddenly Disappears* Literally Every Great Tomb of Nazarick Residents: IT’S TIME TO MAKE THE HUMANS EXTINCT
pirarEclair becomes the ruler of Nazarick xD
vieeI think most npc will fight with each other especially Sebas and the rest of NPC, since mostly NPC in Nazarick doesn’t like human being. Also i feel bad for NPC which isn’t evil.
The lionWith one player all the NPCs had their heart, the glue that kept them together. There was the 8 freed kings that had 8 players and… well things didnt exactly go well. But with 0 players, I think they may ultimately destroy themselves or at least to an extent.
rddx333without ainz, shalltear gets controlled, is used to take out as much of other kingdoms are possible, as well as much of the tomb before she is overpowered by the many floor guardians.
wtf__23if Ainz was’nt there they prob try to make a portale that goes to other worlds so would be an isekai anime regardless
goineWithout Ainz = Padora’s Actor would likely never have been contacted/reached by the other NPCs…..no Rings!
robert alThis is interesting since nazarick may tear itself apart. Heck the 8th floor my not even listen to Albedo has even if she was overseer er. Who knows who sides the Plaisades will take if sebas as their leader say f this. Pandora’s Actor may even not let them touch inside the treasurer either. So interesting to think about no lie.
bikaroAinz : Gone. Pandora’s Actor : I’m Ainz what’s good y’all I’m the (undead) man now. – looking with pervy eyes at Albedo.
mr.amineSebas is proven to have the Message skill, the first thing tried by Ainz was message and shortly after Sebas himself connected to him to report on the move to the New World. The message skill is shown to work as far as at least to the Holy Kingdom no problem thanks to the happy farm updates and likely the entire New World. As soon as Nazerick appears I think they would try to message any of the Supreme Beings, especially Momonga since the NPCs are shown to retain memories of the Supreme Ones and they would have(overlord fanfiction) seen him last even in the side story, they would also still know he remained mostly alone with them as the game wound down. With the side story alt-Momonga was teleported alone after taking a last walk lutsode instead of resting in the throne room for the shutdown. For the floor guardians, it would have been about 4 hours max since they last saw him, knowing that he left for a walk shortly before. Since they would gain free will at the same time, I think it’s fair to assume they would immediately contact Momonga via Message as the last Supreme Being they saw, if only to offer their protection since they would now probably view a walk alone as too dangerous similar to when Demiurge insisted on coming with Ainz when he gives the ring to Mare. Albedo would keep the character trait of being “a true succubus” so to speak, but would still probably only view the Supreme Beings as worthy of it, meaning just Momonga. Bonus points for “Bone Daddy” cause without him feeling guilty about changing settings (overlord fanfiction)and 200 years of walking around he’d probably give creating a heir a try. Nazarick would basically start with all the same initial conditions except the floor guardians would probably be extremely upset they let Momonga be alone for 200 years once they make contact and find out the true timeline involved. Even if all that doesn’t pan out exactly, because let’s say Demiurge and Sebas kill each other first so no one messages Momonga, it would still probably generally happen anyway because Aura is shown to be able to scout for powerful creatures and theoretically people and Momonga will blast up like a solar flare in a world of level 30 being “OP bes warrior evah!” The big question to me for the side story is really two related parts. 1. How will 200 years of wandering and making friends impact alt-Momonga when his old life and cherished family finally return to him as basically the most powerful organization in existence swearing their undying loyalty while begging forgiveness for not being there? 2.(overlord fanfiction) Since Momonga will now know that teleportation happens at least every 200 years and he is immortal, will he take a slower view thinking maybe more of his friends show up if he waits?

Overlord Fanfiction Crossover That Every One Loves!

The Overlord fanfiction crossover anime TV arrangement adjustment by Madhouse comprises 3 seasons with 13 scenes that mean episodes each, with the main season to be aired in 2015. Similar Two accumulation anime films recapping the occasions from Fanfiction Overlord the primary season were discharged in Japan in 2017, and March 2017, Considered to be an individual entity.

wgafI think the most interesting if touch me was the one who is transported. Imagine a good man with a good life, a family loosing everything, trying to come back to his family getting insane by the time at first as a good benevolent savior, to the new world, descending to psicopathyc tyrannical ruler.
speaker23I could go on a lengthy description of what Lord ‘I have almost every fetish known to man’ Peroronccino would instantly do after arriving. I could even describe how every female in Nazarick would end up pregnant in but a few weeks. I could even explain in great detail how the New World would turn into a world-wide orgy. So I will simply resume all of that in a single name. Slaanesh. That would end up happening.
libenezHonestly I’ve seen this in a fic before (I don’t usually read them, but I was curious bc it was marked as teen and not mature lol) this fic made shalltear see pero as a father figure. Funniest thing I’ve read in a while.
Hitker))Wait…. Ainz was pero’s Best friend… pero made Shalltear a necrophiliac…. Ainz in an undead…. Shalltear refLECTS PERO’S KINKS!!! WAIT-
anu23All I can think about is Demiurge coming up with intricate breeding programs to replicate the exact figure of the demi-human (or not) characters from Peroroncino’s favorite games. Of course Peroroncino would likely be completely oblivious to the true nature of Demiurge’s… “happy scouting agencies”.
Yes i amWhen you get tired of self censorship, you would do well to establish a presence on Minds and Bitchute. I hope you do, as I plan to delete my youtube/google accounts on December 10th, and I would miss your content.
Seated seal
Hmm, a good thought exercise. I would think first Albedos settings would have not being changed,or if done it would be to better serve Pero perhaps by removing some of the more violent parts of her settings and adding a more sensual personality. I am unsure if Pero’s race needed rest/substinance but if it did nights would be served by a different type of test each one, and mornings aswell, the attack on the village would be noticed by Pero by chance when bored/ tired, thus the savior or the village would be spoken more freely as an perhaps angelic creature falling from the sky with death hitting each target from miles away(overlord fanfiction) . Meting with Enri would be of a more adult dealings. Netting with Stronof would be filled with some tension for his race but perhaps beneficiary giving Pero some access to military knowledge from the Capital once relations are established, meeting with king and family , were Pero’s more interesting desires might become apparent. I believethat the ritual on the city of E rantel would occur but Pero would be called to exterminate with some of the undead as part of relations building once most of the low level adventurers die, since I think no more that some steel maybe one or two orichalcum? In city at time
Broad a**im more interested if you made what if ulbert or touch me was the topic. actually i also prefer bukubuku chagama or tabula smaragdina, pero just straight up gonna make this hentai
i lov animmeWhat if all the guild members got sent to the new world? I think that would be interesting cause the guild would eventually split. Why i say that is because some members will want to find their way home while others whose lives suck would want to stay. I think itd be an interesting topic
fanfic loveAll jokes aside peroronchino would be a far more aggressive in his new world endeavours. The same conclusion might be reached if it was Punitto Moe

The subsequent season of Overlord crossover fanfiction ran from January to April 2018, with the third season already said to be debuting later that year in July 2018, after which the keep going scene of the overlord fanfic circulated on October 2, 2018. The scriptwriter for the anime arrangement examined the chance of the fourth season in 2019 in Germany.

overlord fanfiction crossover

Best Fanfiction Overlord Collection on the internet

In the year 2016, a Dive Massively Multiplayer Online single Role-Playing Game called Yggdrasil was released and discharged, standing apart among all different because the game had a bizarrely high capacity(Amount) for the player to associate with the game and all around the overlord fanfiction fanship. Following an exceptional multi-year run and amazing gameplays, the servers are going to be closed down.

anizemaIsn’t there a guild in the new world except for ainze owl gown, I remember hearing about the guild in the desert the npc might be alive so if ainze finds them he can get there resources and other powers
rahilSome theories keep on pointing at the fact the Elf King’s different coloured eyes, as a sign his either an NPC or a Player.
abu ani 2this is why overlord is my favorite anime/light novel because it feels like a huge world with alot of details hidden everywhere when i watch/read simular stories it feels like if i dont know about something it doesnt exist but with overlord its different (hard for me to describe)
leifelssBEST GIRL \o/ Yuri Alpha has receive punish because she did not want to see kids being murdred.
u brroleI think that Albedo is like that from the way she was created, for example, when Momonga changes the details of her bio it looks like he simply switched a few lines of text, so, from that i think it’s safe to assume that the changes were minimal and very small in the damage the could have done overall (It could also be that the name change from Momonga to Ainz could’ve been the trigger and what leads to Albedo’s distress). What in my opinion is the deciding factor in Albedo’s and the guardians decision making in general is the fact that they now have an ego of their own, not only that but also that they seem to have had some level(overlord fanfiction crossover) of consciousness before the new world. When Ainz signals at Albedo that he plans to erect a golem of himself and she almost breaks down from the thought of him leaving them, there’s also the case with Shalltear when she overhears a conversation of the guildmates when she was an NPC, all of this i believe is proof that they have at least some memories of that time. The idea of them being abandoned comes from this probably. Ultimately if they had to choose they will probably choose Ainz over their own creators since they weren’t the only ones left behind, Ainz too, on their mind, was left.(overlord fanfiction) Only him stayed with them to the very end and this is what would make them pick him over anyone else. Their loyalty to him is not just because of who he is or what he represents but also from his actions
big daddyAlbedo will kill other players even the other supreme ones because she loves Momonga. Now some random thoughts. Maybe we get to see Ainz test player resurrection by finding the corpse of one of the past players. I would like to see Sebas and his dragon form. Rubedo to finally get in the spotlight. I want Ainz to try and make a “new” NPC or maybe with Fluder’s help a new summon undead minion spell.(overlord fanfiction) Instead of the “vampire princess diary” we got (didnt and wont read) we could have had a collection of short stories about how Ainz took the ghost ship, the frost giants, the Abelion hills, whats with the undead dragon in the cave, whats at the bottom of the gorge in the dwarf kingdom, know more about the other races conquered by Ainz like the frog people etc. Some final thoughts …I hope the main story ends sooner than later if it is not rushed.(overlord fanfiction crossover) Already so many LNs i cant finish either because of a slow * translation pace or they are still ongoing.If some go the Martin/Asoiaf route we all are doomed.Back to Overlord …when main story ends Maruyama could do some nice stories with an adventurers party from Ainz’s kingdom like a warrior troll, a healer white lizard a paladin archer etc…sorry for my rambling!
I still worry about the programming with Momonga since he changed his name to Ainz Ooal Gown although maybe he can “reprogram” her script or use memory alteration
yaya toreThe big issue with waiting too long is waning interest over time. Like what happened with Attack on Titan, many who loved season one just did not care anymore when season two finally came out. Or with One Punch Man with all the complaints season two got, how many people would actually care anymore (overlord fanfiction)if it took another two years to come out waiting for a Madhouse version. Personally I can only see them holding off season four of Overlord another one and a half to two years at most and that is pushing it before a lot of interest in it has dropped off.
drinkwaterAs much as I would want a season 4 I think they should wait for a few more volumes to give themselves a break without the need for a rush job I was fine with the CGI but could have been better
eminemHonestly the main issue with this whole situation is waning interest. By the time s4 comes out (if it does at all) most of the fanbase will have lost interest and dropped off just like AoT S2

In gameplay the game exists a society, once comprising of 41 individuals players and credited as probably the most grounded organization in the game. As the game continues just 4 of the individuals remain, the other 37 having stopped the game, and just one, a senior lich character named Momonga, keeping up their central command in The Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Best Overlord Lemon Fanfiction 

In the minutes prior to the shutdown, he welcomes the rest of the society individuals, yet of those just one shows up and just for a brief timeframe before leaving. While disheartened by this, the main character who is loved by most of the overlord fanfiction crossover fans acknowledges the truth that his companions have their different lives to deal with and chooses to remain signed in until the servers shut down.

ME asdSOA: boy protagonist OVERLORD: Man protagonist Big difference
parayoDemiurge: “Ok guys lets conquer everything Ainz: “oH. Uh, yeah, go ahead” Ainz inside: “What’s happening?”
Mr yThe most important bit is that Ainz is paranoid that his followers might turn their backs on him if he doesn’t live up to their expectations. They all think that he’s the perfect leader with the goal of world domination. In reality, he has no idea what he’s doing. He isn’t exactly a fraud though, as he’s actively developing as a legitimate evil-overlord throughout the series, starting off terrible at it before growing into it.
B4BigI think one key thing that made me like Overlord over the other Isekai MMO animes is that Ainz isn’t trying to escape from the world back to reality.
Himez chahaHonestly… I just liked Overlord because no fR!EnDshIP is MagIC bullcrap which can be seen time and time again throughout the present seasons (my favourites are with what happened to the Sword of Darkness and Foresight groups).
ChuhaThe thing that really started to set Overlord apart from other shounen series in general, at least in my opinion, was when Gazef Stronoff was fighting the Sunlight Scripture to defend Carne Village in episode 4, and the item that Ainz gave him swaps his position with Ainz’s, he doesn’t immediately go into shounen-hero-deprived-of-honorable-battle mode and start complaining. Instead he’s satisfied with what happened and passes out with the knowledge that Ainz is going to kick their asses with magic for him. The show has a habit of turning tropes inside-out.
XDXDXD“Ainz is a good guy!” Season 3 starts. Ainz; “Let’s give these three people to my demonic cockroach to lay eggs in, use this one to try out new psychological tortures and flay this guy’s skin to write some new telepathy scrolls.”
robbin 34Nux : Ainz is a human and has Feelings Me: watch Episode 8 of Season 3.
Corona 19Remember that slime player at the start of Overlord ? Well, you will see what kind of OP powers he might had in a new anime called “Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken”. The protagonist collect quite a harem suposely, but he is a slime… genderless… Its has the potential of throwing gender fluidity to a whole other level… Get ready for insane memes !
yes yesMinor complaint that im sure has already been shared. The New World in Overlord is NOT a game. It’s not Yggdrasil(the game Momonga came from), it is some other world that has similar traits to Yggdrasil, the origin of which is unknown(The New World did not always have a magic tier system, the tier magic system was brought about by players from Ygg that came before Ainz Ooal Gown).

At the point when the shut-down time shows up, Momonga finds that the game hasn’t disappeared; rather, it shows up as though Yggdrasil has been reproduced as its own world alongside its different NPCs having been enlivened. Momonga has been caught as his game fanfiction overlord symbol, leaving him incapable to utilize the typical player capacities, for example, General Message, or even to log out.

Fanfiction Overlord Crossover|| Crossover Overlord Fanfiction 

With no other choice, Momonga decides to take in on the off chance that anybody from this present reality is likewise right now with him. Assuming the name of Ainz Ooal Gown, a message to some other players, Momonga starts investigating the world trying to make sense of what has occurred while scanning for anybody or anything that could assist him with unraveling this puzzle, while guaranteeing the wellbeing of Nazarick.

Oh yaWell, Albedo wouldn’t be so hung up on Ainz; not that she wouldn’t adore his return, because he WAS the guild master and stayed the longest. Rather, she’d be riding a bicorn in battle. I imagine Aura would be the first to make contact with him. Not because she found him, but she has the skillz needed to be discreet, and the intelligence to deliver complex messages. Ainz… being the showman that he is,(overlord fanfiction crossover) would likely make it appear that he is conquering the tomb again. Much like the invasion arc, except that he and Evil-Eye would be taking a designated path of moderate resistance to the throne room. Where upon he slams Albedo around until her armor is gone and she’s feigning exhaustion, and he takes his rightful place. Slowly, the room fills with floor guardians and their retinue. Then they swear their fealty, alla second episode (modest change to Albedo’s), cementing his superiority over those they’ve terrorized since their arrival.
andersonthe battle against the slane theocracy could be tough since they do posses at least one world item as far as we can tell (if it had not been destroyed), that made shellchair go against nazarick.
mitchelPersonally wouldn’t it make a slight complication to the main story line? Plus, I found it weird that certain points were brought up and left. How did evil eye became a vampire? Was it her mother who used ”turn undead” to save her from the pain?
alishaI do not believe that the NPC could do anything without a PC to direct them. They would only live and die by the last command given them.
druvI relalized something , The phrase ” Serve in Heaven or Rule in Hell” has a great relation to ulbert and Touch me. While ulbert will actually rule the world with Nazrick , Touch me is an ineffective leader and more akin to a commander or fighter, only fit to serve a cause. This is just me speculating. Don’t kill me.
bo harris
The New World will soon come to understand the true meaning of culture. Ecchi aside, Peroroncino may have been the guild pervert, but he wasn’t a simpleton. The guy was an uber power gamer and obsessed over perfect character builds and item combos. So I think it’s fair to say he would have the security of Nazarick in mind, also
willan nDemiurge is WITHOUT A DOUBT into BDSM
i am the bossHe would just lock himself with Shalltear and every other female in Nazarick. Nazarick could become a place of Luxury and…….eggh! I dont like it
peace outI’m just waiting for the day overanalyze makes a “what if all of the supreme beings went to the new world” xD
ripper offI can see Peroroncino being much more interested in learning Martial Arts at first, and would probably have mastered it by the same time that Ainz has been creating Sorcerer Kingdom… and probably wouldn’t have created the latter if I were to be completely honest. (overlord fanfiction)I mean… Ainz is certainly not slacking on R&D, but that comes second to making the “name” of his and his friends’ guild that much greater. If I can wager a guess, I can see Peroroncino seeking strength for the sake of eventually going on his own adventure of find his friends, and not making the guild famous in the world so that his friends can find him.

Ainz Ooal Gown appears to have adjustments made to his conduct by in-game mechanics since he exhibits no ethical hesitations with murder and different activities that are forbidden in reality. This is a tale about the brain research of an animal past moral worries with close boundless force.

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