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39+ Pokemon Fanfiction Worth Reading in 2020

Must Read Pokemon Fanfiction in 2020

Pokemon was one of the best-animated cartoon series that we have seen in our childhood, People still write Pokemon Fanfiction and a very large amount read its fanfiction stories, comment down if I am wrong. I very well know that all the people visiting this webpage are in search of the same fanfiction pokemon updates and we provide one of the best fanfictions for.

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pokemon fanfiction

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pokemon fanfiction

Pokemon is also known as “pocket monsters” in Japan, there are many people who didn’t know this and pocket monsters is the Japanese version of pokemon, so this cartoon series is managed and owned by “The Pokemon Company”. we have uploaded the best fanfiction pokemon stories down below.

timtam53191During the Pokemon go craze I heard this for the first time since, like when I was in grade 2 or 3 or something… OH, THE GOOSEBUMPS!!!
Like a long lost forgotten friend… the memories suddenly flashing back all at once, reliving that moment again. Turning on the TV at 7 am every morning before school, waking up to this song… the anthem of OUR childhood…
Kal kasimaAfter all these years and being the age of 32, I’m proud to be a huge Gen 1 fan! Ash my boy winning the league makes this song even more epic! I’m also a fan of Brock 😂
Imran dBoi the pokemon series took a nose dive and i can still be a fan of pokemon and still say that. It deserves the disrespect. The most recent series is trash. And i dont even watch pokemon anymore. But just look back at the good ol days
lylod lord ok people need to stop saying he gives away all his good pokemon. The only pokemon that could he considered good by how strong it was was greninja. And that’s 1 out of 7 the rest weren’t even that strong
Maxim stormSo basically replace Krookodile with Garchomp. I like the way he went about it but knowing ash he still would have kept it as a gabite because… it’s ash.
C Gam1ngSo it gets shy to leave its Pokeball but ash is in danger and it leaves it randomly like his Oshawott
And saves the day and now feels like he should listen to ash more because It knows it wouldn’t have been strong enough to save the day if it wasn’t for ash training it later
AshFlameor being so interested in it, Ash sure felt lacking on the Mega front, IE, he had none. He could have brought back some pokemon or the devs could have given some of his team Megas (Mega Talonflame or Mega Noivern would have been awesome) If Gabite did hide in Ash’s luggage it would have been in Kalos since Unova was a soft reboot for the anime and him bringing a pokemon other than Pikachu would be weird.
Louis BertrandBecause he did not have a Pokémon on his team that could mega evolve, but if he where to get Charzard or Garchomp then the story In my opinion would be a whole lot more interesting and ash greninja we can all agree was a mistake so I won’t count that but if ash where to use mega Charzard or mega garchomp instead in the final battle against mega Charzard X would be a whole lot more interesting than ash greninja so ya.
GutsuNow I did read somewhere that one of Ash’s dark types in Unova alongside Krokorok/Krookadile was supposed to be a female Purrloin that would’ve evolved into Liepard during the episode where Ash worked with Brycen to save Volcanrona from that one Pokémon poacher along with Purrloin/Liepard actually being helpful during important gym battles and the Unova League with the final part of Ash vs. Stefan being Liepard vs. Liepard with Ash’s Liepard getting the victory thanks to Acrobatics.[pokemon fanfiction] And the personality of Ash’s Purrloin/Liepard being that of the gentle humble one who is willing to step up and battle when Ash needs her to. But for some reason they decided to make Ash’s other Dark type Scraggy and Scraggy for the most part was useless.
Blacksonactual is not a fan term it is used even in the offical pokedex entrys and other offical sources they are called like this because they are near as powerful as a Legendary and in some cases even has strong has some of the legendarys that are in middle in terms of power.

The Pokemon company shares are also divided between Nintendo, game freaks and people also say they are divided into creatures. That’s why Pokemon Fanfiction lovers are very huge in numbers, All the three above mentioned companies are trademark shareholders of pokemon.

Best Fanfiction Pokemon Stories On The Internet 

People should not be surprised that we have also uploaded many pokemon lemon fanfiction in this series of fanfiction pokemon stories, I have to say that people please who are eighteen plus read this pokemon fanfiction.

These are some of the best fanfiction pokemon stories if Gible evolved

ItzOkamiYo if Gible’s draco meteor had hit his Darkrai, it would have knocked it out, so if Gible evolved into garchomp, ash would have some real chances of actually winning his fight against Tobias.
Brachiozaurwhat if ash actually attempted to catch one of the many legendaries he has seen (one in particular who he witnessed holding back a glacier with superpower, not saying anything)
ShadowHandwho cares about stats and strength when there’s unbeatable friendship it’s definitely not gonna be my down fall in becoming a pokemon master I’ll let my pokemon chose my fate and how everything will turn out lets keep first evolutions because they’re cute and cuddly and not evolve them completely lets release all my strongest pokemon that can help me in my pokemon leagues and last but no least lets not be the very best that no one ever was :3 ash is a dumbass with plot armor
This_username _is_taken there’s a problem, earthquake, magnitude, and fissure are banned from the anime because of an earthquake in Japan during an episode the had a lot of pokemon use these moves.
TheFinestStupidityjust imagine if he actually got a garchomp he’d wreck everyone. Reminds me of when cynthia used her garchomp all the time and destroyed everyone who challenged her
Boomstax NoelAsh has an aura ability, that might allow it to make a powerful bond with a Lucario/Riolu, meaning it might become a powerful partner that travels with him on all of his journeys, along with Pikachu. And who could blame him?
Phylicia BaetenI get the feeling if he brought Gible with him to Unova the writers would’ve made a HUGE mistake of trading his Gible with Iris for her Escadrill this would’ve caused such a rage to Pokemon fans that we’d be flooding the companies Twitter and YouTube with hate comments to the point to writers would realized what they’ve done and that they’d give him a Noibat/Noivern to make up for the loss of Gible/Gabite/Garchomp, and the hate would’ve been worse since Iris has lots of Haters.
true swampert33Garchomp is just too good to be in Ash’s team. Especially with how dumb he is because anime. If the Pokemon series ever comes to an end, having Ash win a Pokemon League, the yes, Garchomp would most definitely deserve to be the ace that pulls it off. Other than that, keep it as a Gibble
Shawn Johnson if ashes Oshawott evolved wht not to be honest when I was watching black and white anime when I was young it never evolved which disappointed me I would just love seeing samurott
Bhanu Pratapi do not know how old this video is. but people want to see gible evolved . but here my thoughts in each region ash caught 1 dragon type and of diffrent variations. like gible- ground/dragon
noivern- flying/dragon
and my theory is possibly in sun and moon series kommo- fighting/dragon
along with partial dragon type charizard ash have deadl dragon combinations

In the Pokemon Franchise, it is said that Nintendo is the sole owner of the pokemon trademark of the pokemon cartoon series. the pokemon franchise was created by Satoshi Tajiri, pokemon was created and launched in 1995. we have also posted ash’s pokemon journey fanfiction and how he meets his first pokemon “Pikachu”.

Pokemon Lemon Fanfiction for Everyone

The Pokemon series is centrally fractioned around small creature’s, these creatures have many different powers of their own, different pokemon fanfiction are written on that too. So the pokemon trainers are always in search of pokemon with very good abilities and special powers. we hope you guys read the previous fanfics that we have uploaded on this website.

These are some of the best pokemon fanfiction lemon the internet!!!

Carlos CruzLet’s be honest: Mallow can take any boy to Pound Town. 😉
Suburban DarknessI didn’t even catch that Mallow trial innuendo and I’ve read my fair share of Mallow… literature.
Andrew FongWhat about in Olivia’s house in konkikonki city, there are a bunch of stuffuls and if you click on it it says something like it is a toy that vibrates, popular for single women. And if you look at stufulls tail…. it’s pointing straight up
TriEdge95Also what about that misty working for that old man in a bikini i think and she says its degrading o something simila
Thomas LiangOh yea Tapu Lele is competing with Latias now cuz she kissed Ash too….
ALEMA THE TITANI found it so weird and random that Heatran had a gender, why Heatran? Why not Lunala and Solgaleo? The Podedex entry for Lunala in Sun and the Pokedex entry for Solgaleo in Moon clearly state that Lunala is a FEMALE EVOLUTION of Cosmoem whereas Solgaleo is a MALE EVOLUTION of Cosmoem, and yet their listed as genderless. WHAT?!
batteryThat Blaziken feather crotch has always been like this since 2002 and no one bats an eye till 2016.
Also the Pokemon Manga has quite amout of censorship which it can be shocking at times.
Hi DeliveranceI wish to clarify as many MANY people make this mistake. They are NOT GenderLESS. The are of an Unknown Gender. Meaning that they can be Male or Female, but there’s no real way to tell. That’s why several Legendary Pokemon are presonified with a specific gender, like the Mewtwo from the first movie is Male, while the one from the Genesect Movie is Female.
Christopher AndersenStill doesn’t explain the contradiction found in Solgaleo’s Moon Pokedex entry and in Lunala’s Sun Pokedex entry that clearly states that Lunala is the FEMALE evolution of Cosmoem and Solgaleo is the MALE evolution of Cosmoem, then you examine them in-game and they’re listed as having unknown genders, and yet, somehow, Heatran can be male or female and they both look exactly the same!
LightDragonTVInaccurate as the Pokedexs says that they are “said to be the male/female evolutions of Cosmog.” “It is said” does not equal confirmed, it means that people consider them Male and Female when they don’t actually know for sure, that’s why they’re still labeled as Unknown Gender. As for the case with Heatran, maybe there is a way to tell the difference for that one pokemon for whatever reason. Same for Cresselia, Latias and Latios. They all have labled Genders because in the world, they can be distinguished from one another based on some trait or characteristic. No one really knows why, but the fact of the matter is that even though they are of Unknown Gender, we can assume a gender for ourselves

The Human who catches these pokemon is called pokemon trainers and these people train their pokemon to battle with other pokemon of other trainers and win many competitions. very funny pokemon fanfiction lemon also are present in this post, make sure you read those fanfics too…

Ash’s Pokemon Journey Fanfiction

In 1996 aa pair of video games were also released and these were developed by Game freak and later this was launched by Nintendo who was the trademark shareholder of the pokemon franchise. These pokemon fanfiction stories are worth reading for every fanfiction lovers.

These are the fanfiction when ash started his “ash’s pokemon journey fanfiction“.

Midnight☪Wondeme as fanfictioner honestly would have preferred everyone to remain the same as they are in canon. I think that would have been much more believable for Gary rather than completely switch his personality with Ash’s. Also a lot more interesting. Sorry, Mystic.
Felix MartinezI was reffering especifically to Unova and Alola Ash (and maybe XYZ Ash for… you know… THAT Thing that make many fans scream in rage?)
Alex AlcantarNo, Emboar was a GREAT choice. Sure, Unova isn’t that popular, but the Starters are awesome. Although Serperior was the worst one (Research) and Emboar is actually pretty great. My Emboar had Flare Blitz, Hammer Arm, Solar Beam, and Rock Smash (kinda forgot the name and its great for flying types)
PokeGarIf hilbert and Hilda was Ash’s companions in the Pokemon Black and White Best wishes anime, replacing Hilda would be the same as Iris but not annoying and they would have to go around places to eat because i’m pretty sure Hilbert can’t cook
Lloyd Christian pikachu doesn’t want to evolve and ash respect that. If he had an eevee wouldn’t evolve until Johto were it would be an umbreon or espion because have you seen ash’s pokemon they love him so much.
Alex WardActually depending on the current produced by the electricity it is possible for electricity to effect any thing as long as it is within the object’s frequency. (Thanks Static Shock for teaching me this… Plus Onix being drenched in sprinkled water… Which also allows electricity to pass through Onix due to the current)
Clement WangIf ash evolve his Pikachu into raichu, his strong bond with his pokemon and raichu’s electric power would rival the elite four from all regions.(pokemon fanfiction)
Jayfeather151The only reason misty traveled with ash is because of her bike. If that never got destroyed, she wouldn’t follow Gary.
LoganI think Ashs dad would make him chose Bulbasaur becuse it would give him most advanteges in this region
Stephvon DamesThat would be cool then we would see a rivalry between Altaria and Flygon. Also it would be cool if we saw Ash’s Charizard take teacher role for May’s Altaria kind like how Ash’s Bulbasaur was a teacher to May’s Venasaur when she was a Bulbasaur.

The pokemon English version has its unique slogan “Gotta Catch ‘Em All'” and they have mentioned this in very few Fanfiction pokemon stories. The First Series of the pokemon Franchise began as Pokemon Red and Green, and this later was released as pokemon red and blue worldwide.

Pokemon fanfiction ash betrayed ||pokemon fanfiction Crossover

The Above mentioned fanfiction updates are serving very good and pleasant to many readers and we hope you guys also like the pokemon lemon fanfiction that we have mentioned in this article, moving on in the beginning’s of the 2000’s pokemon franchise earned the highest-grossing of $90 billion in total as its revenue.

These are some of the best pokemon fanfiction crossover’s from

Striker BeedrillI imagined him trying other regions to give more challenge. I’ll be ok if he loses 1 or 2 leagues but always gets better. I would have loved ash to win the xyz league then try the island challenge in Alola as a new challenge for him to face. Even if he won the champion and everything he would back down to travel around and get stronger. Though eventually it would be replaced with another character. Perhaps his son.
Ethan Kellermanash can always keep going since he wants to become a Pokemon Master. I mean nothing says that anyone who beats the Pokemon League is a Pokemon Master. That would of meant that Tobias and Alan are Pokemon Mastesr then. lol
Anime Arena XOn the new Pokémon 20 movie, when Ash tells his new companions about his dream of becoming a Pokémon master, the girl asks if he means that he wants to win a League, and Ash says he wants to do more than that. This makes me think that being a master is about more than just battling.
Lmao_ youtube
Is there even a clear definition of what a “Pokemon Master” is? I feel like not even being a regional champion seems like enough to be a Pokemon Master. So what is it exactly? Do you have to become the champion of all regions? Do you have to complete the entire Nationaldex? It’s never outright stated what a Pokemon Master is, but we can always theorize.
AaronHere’s another post-league idea: Ash could hunt down Team Rocket to make the world a safer place. A chance for more character development and opportunities to grow stronger.
ignMarcaugai the only way I see something like that happen is if there was Champion of Champions league to determine the “champion of the world” type thing. All the champions vs each other with Ash in the mix because he met certain criteria
Deku The mightyI assume you have the sauce for this claim, but that doesn’t sound right by that logic People would stop playing the pokemon games after beating one , also that is a lack of imagination on the creators side why would ash be like ok I won one so I’m done. If that is thier perogative then so be it but it really shows thier inability to write ash in any other way aside from as good moments shows promise but ultimately loses becuase X reason most of which have been realy poor reasons for him to lose
KielianAsh can win the Pokémon league but lose to the elite four. Forcing him to travel to another region. Let’s not forget he turned down becoming a Brain. So it would be his CHOICE to travel to another region after winning a league. Shit man it’s not that hard
marclee82I think ash would still travel because he want to be a pokemon master which is not winning a Pokemon League and become champion, it’s to explore all region and explore new pokemon getting all the gym badges or whatever(I don’t know about Sun & Moon).
pokemon fanfiction ash betrayed by everyoneBig SmokI swear that the argument that if Ash won the Pokémon league the series would be over is stupid because he would still go on to the other regions to try to win the leagues because he wants to be a Pokémon Master, which I am pretty sure takes more than just winning one league.

These are one of our best pokemon fanfiction also including pokemon lemon fanfiction xdxdxd. There are more to come in the future from, so stay tuned with us. Everyone played the Mario video game? Pokemon is the second best-selling video game in the world after Mario.

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