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40+ Best Star Wars Fanfiction On Google 2020

Must Read Star Wars Fanfiction Stories 2020

Searching for Star Wars Fanfiction on google and want to read amazing star wars fanfiction crossovers, then wait no further. I have some of the best Fanfiction series that you will rarely find on the internet and trust me guys these are the best fanfiction on star wars series that you will find on the internet.

star wars fanfiction

So Sit back and relax and make sure you enjoy these amazing Star wars fanfiction stories and along with some collection of the star wars fanfiction lemon series that you will find below in the article.

Star Wars Fanfiction crossoverkitty cat?All of you you don’t have to say Anakin Skywalker if you reply ITS OBVIOUS YOUR TALKING ABOUT HIM!
Star Wars lemon Fanfiction Ryan BrambleWhen someone goes to the darkside they usually have a trumatic experience pre-darkside. Like anakin getting most of his body destroyed and losing his lover and the opportunity to raise his children. That obviously broke him. To use the darkside you have to have some rage or sadness since that is what it feeds off.
Star Wars crossover Fanfiction Connor SchultzWe all should know that by now. When someone goes dark side, some how, some way, for some stupid reason the person that you once was isn’t…. For some reason.
acephantom903If the republic never collapsed (which it might have with the droid armies still on patrol because half of the separatist leaders were not captured on Utapau) then there wouldn’t have been the break off military group which would have allowed Snoke to get power in the unknown regions. That and he would have had the full jedi council who would have chased him down upon his first contact with the known galaxy. This is ignoring what Snoke may or may not be according to the leaks. If he is what the leaks suggest, that would only make Snoke stronger and more dangerous possibly killing the Skywalker twins before episode 4 to 6. 7-9 could still theoretically happen but things would be very different.
DANIEL MI don’t think so, like he said, sometime, in the future, one of Anakin descendents might fall into the dark side, so, the films would happen, but they would be much different
Jonah WilsonTrue but Ben Solo wouldn’t be influenced to the dark side because Darth Vader would have never existed, the first order would have no ground to build on and no resistance would be needed to counter them. Different story entirely.
João FariasThe original trilogy could be about how Luke turns to the Dark SIde (as it was intended to happen, maybe motivated by Sidious Force Ghost) in movie IV, killing Anakin and making Yoda fled. Movie V could be about Leia + Force Ghosts x Luke and VI could be about the defeat of Luke and the final reveal of Snoke, plotting everthing from scratch.
Rachel MorrisAnd about the objections on how Snoke would gain power…. Man… He is a millennial dark side vampire. He would find a way….
MandoG I believe it is incredibly rare for force ghosts to exist and they can only exist if the person passed the test of the Wills meaning they can embrace both their own light and darkness but chose the light. Here is the whole article in the canon wiki

So these were our first list of some of the best star wars fanfiction and we hope you guys liked this
fanfic collection.

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Star Wars Rebels Fanfiction Updates 2020

The Star Wars franchise is an America based media franchise and Star wars franchise is created by George Lucas, Star Wars began as a normal Series and then gained much popularity as time passed along with many Star wars fanfiction crossover and Star wars Fanfiction lemon lovers all over the world.

fanfiction star wars

許進曾if palpatine is dead than how will snoke got so many star destroyer and star killer base, those are empires weapon the super laser is constructed to be a bigger scale on the death star
BouncinWell….Vader took over the empire but he’s strong and is pre-suit. If you played the game Revenge of the Sith alternate ending. So, 4-6 happens but pre-suit Vader as the new Emperor.
Max217Don’t you think that the separatist movement would survive if Grievous made it clear to the galaxy that he is still alive? Once the droid army was shutdown, the people of the CIS were still alive but had no motivation to fight with all their leaders dead. But if Grievous were to show up the war would still continue and they would have a general that could lead them once again.
king274he didnt exactly care for the CIS he just hated the enemies of the CIS. So I doubt the remnants of the CIS would be the first people he’d be looking for.
DJ Panda GamingThe prequel movies where made to show the easy corruption of a government and how it manipulated.
The separatist army was a basic fake front to start a war, without the current conflict of war, Lord sidious would have never won the power of the people in his efforts to end the FAKE WAR.
Reguardless of grevious death, the separatist leaders were being moved to mustafar, a different planet perfect for hiding murder.
For all we know sidious sent them their for his plan of having his apprentice eliminate them and grevious would have been safe seeing how he was never mentioned to go with them, however obiwan surprised him by abusing him after the meeting
roiking2740stop that’s the thing palpatine were supplying them money to construct the droids in thr first place
some cuntactually we learn from the second episode that dooku has gathered a large group of supporting long with their own banking clans that would donate to building a Droid army, along with the abundant resources available on genenosis
SkiddyGamingbut palpatine hold the majority and not to mention his death at episode 3 so I’m sure most of them dropped out
Intrepid ExplorerLol, Abusing. Yeah I guess Obi showing up just standing there and showing off that Grievous couldn’t quickly kill the intruder was abusing. Then prying open and shooting between his chest plates was more abuse.
AEM reviewsit was the only way if the a genetic modified clone who was trained to kill jedi wasn’t able to kill grievous the who could the rebellion wouldn’t they were to weak at the time and not to mention out skilled

So these were some of the best Star Wars Rebels fanfiction in 2020 that you will come across the internet and We hope you guys enjoyed reading it.

Star Wars The Clone Wars Fanfiction 

Because of the popularity of the Star Wars Franchise, the media producers expanded the series into many film parts, tv series, video games, and theme park attraction making room for many star wars fanfiction lemon lovers to be a part of the never-ending fan base.

Elderonf he managed to get the word out, I think it would undermine Order 66. Many clones would likely still obey, but there were plenty among them who trusted the Jedi and viewed them as friends. Rex would believe Fives, and I feel Cody would have been the first clone he’d have reached out to
Fallen Knight TylenThat’s a little difficult to be sure of. He was worried at first about the truth being spread by Fives, but he had things set up to prevent that from happening. So if Fives had been successful in spreading the word, his priority would be trying to regain command over the clones. And there are several ways he could go about doing this.
RunsonhappinessBut once the words out the words out. So even if he regains control over the clones the soon the entire galaxy will find out he’s a sith. The republic would be split into civil war either way. Worlds would start succeeding and possibly a third faction forms in the clone wars. The real question is if it’s all revealed would the sepertist fallow Dooku knowing that he was working for Sidious who was leading the republic.
john smithmake a good point, though Dooku does have Grievous to enforce order. If anyone disagrees with him, he can have Grievous deal with them. And let’s face it, the Separatist leaders don’t have a lot of courage.
Vince LumontadBut here’s the thing it only takes one smart courageous person to start a civil war. Plus their own civilian populist would start revolting. And who knows how Grievous himself would react hearing how everything was rigged from the beginning.
BrianAnakin would have been allowed to reach his peak (on par with yoda) maybe not by the time all of that takes place but he would surely be stronger with the force than he was as Vader which is scary
southparkstudio ask the Geonosian to build the republic a droid amry and the cis buy clone from Kamin
Sergio TorresMaybe the droids built by the Republic would be of far better quality, or not. It would still be interesting to see how the Republic would build their droids and what kind of cloning templates the Separatists would use.
Calvin MatthewsWithout the Clones leading the conflict being called The Clone Wars honestly it probably would have been called the First Galactic Civil War because technically that’s what the Clone Wars was, a civil war between the Republic and the Confederates.
Majin TaolfI think that would be the name of it if the republic won. But if the seperatists won it would have been something ells in my opinion.

Star wars the clone wars is 2008 computer-animated television series. we have many Star wars the clone wars fanfiction lovers reading this Star Wars Fanfiction updates.

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Star Wars Fanfiction Crossover

Very few people know this that star wars fanfiction media series holds a Genius world Record of the “Most Successful Film Merchandise franchise” that makes another reason on the list why most people are interested in Star Wars Fanfiction Crossover collection and Star wars Lemon Fanfiction Collection.

Sau 13Well there are many other games and films with cool ships.
Whe hawe Stargate, Warhammer, Sarship Troopers, Starcraft even Warframe joined now.
I cant say the Predator mothership because it doesn’t really have competition. 🤔
Illutian Kadeya a sequel would be neat hopefully they add more from mass effect besides just the Normandy and reapers they for got about a lot of ships you got to see in the battle for the citadel in mass effect 1
LudBudHow about the Cylons are invading Earth and have the BSG arrive with other Battlestars from other realities to stop them. I like the Warhammer 40K universe too.
Realist DudeMay the emperor s light ve spreadacross the stars…

By my Duty

The Galaxy will belong to the righteous…

By my action the Imperial Navy shall be honoured And remembred upon Holy Terra!


Babur Dombayit is more likley that Klingons and the covenant would Team up. The Empire would destroy them instead becoming Allies The Reapers would try to kill all of them due there idealogy that if a Race become to advanced they will eridicate them
James CassidyIts missing one certain Imperium. Tho if they did come across them, the Imperium of Man might just accuse them of heresy cuz of their advanced AIs and droid.
CPi had this “problem” once the UNCS started sending ships against the Galactic empire, they stormed some of my systems because it were between their frontiers,MY GAME GOT OUT OF HAND AFTERWARDS (the two went against me for attacking their ships on my territory)
Fate WeaverI managed to drag a friend of mine into a war he had no chance of winning. Up until this point, I’d been the UN to his Iraq. Giving him Humanitarian Aid, supplying him with advice on how to unfuck his economy (Only for him to refuck ten minutes later) and even helping him in his wars. I ended up picking a fight I couldn’t possibly win due to forgetting that this faction had a defensive pact with one of the Galactic superpowers. Told my friend, who was relatively new to the game as this was his second session ever, that if he joined the war we’d both be able to win. My ulterior motive, though, was literally just to use him as a distraction until I could sue for a white peace. He fell for it and, upon getting my peace, I revealed to him that he’d been played like a fiddle. Man I love that game.
Fenrir i tend to play alone, mostly focusing in science o<o i was too scared when both of these went on war against me for not leting them war on my territory, thats why it went out of hand very quickly
Jack SlipherAnd why they do that some may ask?
Well is that in the 40k universe, Machines HAVE SOULS. And they can be corrupted those thanks to Chaos and the warp

This was our list of the best Star Wars Crossover Fanfiction. people may also call it as Star wars Fanfiction Crossover.

Star Wars Fanfiction Lemon Updates 2020

Wanna know the Gross profit of star wars media franchise, it is estimated that this star wars series the total value was around $65 million in the US, and Star wars Fanfiction Lemon Lovers should love the fact that it is the Fifth Highest Grossing media Franchise of all time. 

TagrinethUhh… Didn’t he manipulate midichlorian to make Anakin? Shouldn’t it means he can do that again?
Fred WelleWatch, as the wild Bigfoot, who has recently gained the internet access, surf through the web, gathering all the information he may muster, to eventually overthrow us, and become a real life fuckboy emperor.
Jimmy Norris Im pretty sure it was confirmed that he nor Darth Plagueis created Anakin although that Darth Plagueis did have the knowledge to do so, and presumably taught everything he knew to Sidious
iforgot87872 In legends the white woman seen in ROTS in the opera scene used palpatines dna and got herself pregnant without doing that thing with palps and had a son.
Universe DevonAfter The Last Jedi, Disney tried to cover their ass by making a comic that shows Palpatine was the one to make Shmi Skywalker pregnant with Anakin.
John Rabson JrLegends is awesome. Didn’t break the lore. But now since Disney did not make Legends canon, I too don’t give a fuck whether to use canon or non-canon to answer all the unanswered Rise of skywalker questions.
Blinded ToasterWriter Matt Martin confirmed that Palpatine is not Anakin’s father and the comic with Palpatine and Shmi is not the intended implication and that it’s not correct, I bet they did this though because it would mean Rey and Kylo would be cousins or Rey would technically be his Aunt
JakeJBOJust Some Bigfoot With Internet Access Artificial insemination, surrogate wombs – other options other than wham bam thank you maam.
Brant BarrettExcept, Senator Palpatine could have impregnated someone 10 years before episode 3 when he was still a senator. 20 years between Prequels and OT. 30 years between ROTJ and TFA. Rey is early 20’s in TFA. It works out
Anakin Skywalker“You were a spice runner?”
“You were a storm trooper.”
“You were a SPICE RUNNER?”
“You were a scavenger, we can go at this all day cmon…”

Also the Second Highest-Grossing film franchise with the total estimated value of $10 Billion in Us. with the hope that you guys liked this star wars fanfiction lemon along with some Star wars fanfiction crossover, we sum this article up.

We as fanfiction Lovers (Fanfictioner’s) lovers hope that you guys liked this star wars Fanfiction Stories with some Star wars lemon Fanfiction and a little bit of a Star wars Fanfiction Crossovers.

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